Monday, August 27, 2007

The 4400: This episode brought to you by Apple

This week's lesson from The 4400: Microsoft is evil. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean "Ubient" is evil. It's run by one of the Marked, it's bankrolling their activities, the economy depends on it, and the fact that most of the computers in the world run on its software meant that everyone was in big trouble when a virus took down its "Enzyme" operating system. Wouldn't you rather have a Mac and avoid all the hassle of the evil global conspiracy?

(Spoilers ahead.)

With Ubient failing and losing millions of dollars that could be used to finance sinister future activities, "Tom" got desperate to save the company. And this was finally when the little hamster wheel in Diana's brain started turning, and she began to suspect that "Tom" wasn't really Tom. When they found their perpetrator, a bed-ridden old man with a grudge against Drew Imroth and promicin in his system, she was sure. You see, someone drove a car into a telephone pole, cutting off power and life support for their suspect and stopping the virus, and that someone happened to have cut his head in the accident in the same way that "Tom" did, and that someone also has similar DNA to "Tom," according to Marco. So now Diana knows, and Meghan knows, too, but they don't think that "Tom" knows that they know, but he might know that they know. Understand? Incidentally, since Meghan expressed reservations about sleeping, or doing anything, with "Tom" now that she knows the truth, I'm more or less counting on her to do something to tip "Tom" off. And with the curse of the NTAC agent in charge hanging over her, she's not going to last much longer anyway.

For a future agent who got his host killed the last time he was given a job, "Tom" certainly has a lot of clout. He's the one running a newly repowered Isabelle. (What? Oh. They gave her something to rid her body of the promicin allergens, and then stuck her with the promicin again. Just go with it.) He's also the one who can kill the newly repowered Isabelle if she fails to follow his orders. (What? Oh. They implanted a kill switch in her. Just go with it.) And when all of Drew Imroth's personal information wound up on the Internet for all to see and draw conclusions from, "Tom" was the one who told him that he had to die. But it was actually a promotion for the future agent, as they're planning on moving him to Jordan Collier. They've got an asset inside Promise City now: Isabelle. Yes, she's back inside the compound, and the first thing she did when she got back was make out with Kyle. You know, they keep saying that Isabelle has changed, and I mostly believe them, but she does still have that predilection for Baldwin/Farrell guys. Does that mean Tom has to watch out in season five?

But before the makeout, at the irritating Cassie's behest, Kyle stormed the 4400 Center and hauled Dr. Kevin away to put a stop to the compatibility test. Kevin's being held hostage until either he or Shawn agree with Jordan. And since Shawn won't compromise and Kevin remained crabby and defiant throughout (which is why I like him), Kev's only hope for getting out of the Promise City compound is whatever plan Shawn is cooking up with Tess. Go, Shawn! Get Dr. Kevin back! I love the doctor's brand of prickly, half-crazy genius, and the happenings at the 4400 Center are a lot less fun without him. Actually, everything is a lot less fun without him. Save Kevin!

In other news, it was Maia's birthday this week, and her old friend Lindsay gave her a present: a park where she can see her dead parents again. She went there a couple of times that we saw, and while it didn't seem to be a problem yet, it's the sort of thing that will turn into one. Oh, and remember how PJ the NTAC geek was promicin-positive and had to be taken away? Remember PJ at all? Well, anyway, Marco got a new nerd to replace him. And it's a blonde, female nerd named Abigail. And halfway through the episode, she had Marco dressing up in a suit. Nerd lust alert! Thank you, The 4400, for still caring enough about Marco to give him a love interest. And also, thank you for the suit. I mean, he looks cute enough usually, but what can I say? The suit worked.

See you back here in two weeks!


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