Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who likes to rock the party?

Okay, okay, I know this is a TV blog. But please excuse me this one lapse, so that I can briefly pimp my friend Heather's band, Old Springs Pike. They're being featured on MTV.com (which technically makes it at least TV-related, I think), and I'm just so damn proud I had to write about it. Plus, MTV has handy embeddable clips!

Anyway, they're kind of like a supercharged folk/indie-type thing with fantastic four-part harmonies, and MTV says they're "a brilliantly distinctive musical force." Whatever that means. (You can see why I'm not a music blogger...) Oh, and also in the band is John Gallagher, who just won a Tony this summer for his performance in the musical Spring Awakening. So if you happen to be a music fan as well as a TV fan, you should check them out on their website (I recommend "The Great Escape," which is one of the songs in the little player on the bottom of the screen), and for the love of God go see them live if you're in New York. Thanks for humoring me, and we'll return to our regularly schedule TV programming later today...