Monday, August 20, 2007

Greek: Like warm apple pie

Every time I watch Greek, I feel like an anthropologist observing a totally alien culture. Lavaliering? Letters? Candle-passing ceremonies? Complete with songs?! Luckily, Rusty is as clueless as I am, and serves well as Bringer of the Exposition. At any rate, the show and its characters are growing on me every week, especially this week, given Princess Rebecca Logan's total absence. Here's hoping it becomes a permanent one, or that she's in some sort of cartoonish villain rehab program. Another plus? Tons of Cappy! Cappy + Casey 4 evah u guyz!!!1! Man, I wish those two crazy kids could just work it out. Stupid Evan and his pie-hating ways...

But wow, I guess Ashleigh's boyfriend Travis really makes Evan look like an amateur in the obnoxious privileged frat jerk department. Partly because Evan's character is becoming more and more three-dimensional (take note, Rebecca!), but partly because Travis is a complete turd. That said, I'm not sure I'm buying the Latin-speaking throwdown at the bar. I mean, really? With everyone cheering? Even though they weren't saying anything clever, and the crowd probably couldn't understand any of it until Cappy's final "smackdown"? Bananas. I'm also a bit unconvinced with the comparison the writers are apparently trying to draw between secretly being gay and secretly staying with a jerk boyfriend. But whatev--small complaints in the sweet, Cappyful scheme of things.

On the non-Cappy front, I'm really hoping next week isn't a whole "Rusty confesses about the cheating, thus earning the respect of his professor (who probably already knew) and a retake on the test." Because that would be Lame. But I have faith in Greek and its nonlameness, because Greek gave us Cappy. And Dale! Who wasn't in this episode enough, but whose Aura of Awesome lights up the whole show.