Monday, August 27, 2007

Frisky Dingo: BOOSH!

If the idea of a supervillain trying to deal with insurance companies, a sulky son, and a hilarious (and sometimes pants-less) archnemesis is funny to you, then perhaps you're already watching Adult Swim's always absurd, always funny Frisky Dingo. If so, I'd like to remind you that the long-awaited (by me, at least) second season premiered this past weekend, and the episode is online here for your viewing pleasure. It's awesome.

If for some reason you aren't watching yet, start! It has far more plot continuity than anything I've ever seen on Adult Swim, and an almost (dare I say it?) Arrested Development-like style of making jokes that reference back to episodes far earlier in the season, thus rewarding repeat viewers. And don't even get me started on Frisky Dingo's quotability--an essential element for any of my favorite comedies. ("And once again, the mall has become my Waterloo.")

But don't take my word for's a clip from the pilot episode in which Killface (our hero villain) is running through publicity options for himself and his world-destroying Annihilatrix invention with a couple film students he's kidnapped:

Okay, are you on board now? If so, you can watch the rest of the pilot here, at least for now. Then, I'd imagine you could probably find most of the first season's episodes by googling "Frisky Dingo" (they're only 15 minutes each, so it's pretty quick viewing). And then you'll be all caught up for the new season! Boosh!


Colleen said...

Lole, thats pretty good shit! Its like a combination of Aqua Teen and Venture Brothers. My favorite parts were when hes being held upside down and in a small voice is like, "oh great there goes my pen..." and the title line, "We can NEVER go back to Arizona!"

Liz said...

Awesome, glad you liked it! Keep watching--it only gets better (for example, "We can never go back to Arizona!" returns later in the first season.