Monday, August 27, 2007

Greek: Love stinks

This week on Greek, we learn valuable lessons about love, virtue, strip clubs, and IMing one's roommates. Ah, college. I'd have to say, however, that the true theme of tonight's episode was "Clark Duke is Awesome." Man, his brief appearance in Superbad was such a tease!

Before we get to Clark and his awesomeness, we begin with Rusty and his anti-awesomeness. The poor guy decides he wants to drop the L-bomb on his girlfriend, Jen K, after only three weeks of dating. (Kind of her bad too, since she brought up the fact that she hated how she had to initiate everything romantic with her high school boyfriend.) YIKES. As anticipated by anyone with half a brain, his declaration of love is awkward, awkward, awkward, and goes over like a lead balloon. Not the right time, not the right delivery, just Not Right. Poor, humiliated Rusty is ready to give up on girls forever, until Cappy takes him (and the rest of the frat plus Calvin) out to "The Lunch Buffet," which turns out to be a strip club. Eww. And Calvin makes a very fair point about the bills currently being tucked into the strippers' G-strings subsequently going back into circulation. EWW.

After calling Jen K from the strip club and hanging up on her (oops), Rusty gets up the courage to basically un-love her, and then somehow sweetly proposition her. Only Rusty could be so awkward and yet so smooth. He gets a happy ending when he and Jen K decide that they "think they might" love each other. Seriously? 3 weeks? These kids are bananas. Adorable, but bananas.

On the unhappier side of the spectrum, Calvin and his "he-friend" are having issues. After a fight about bowling, Calvin's boy cheats on him (can't wait to find out with whom), and suggests to Calvin that it wasn't really cheating because they were in a "loose" relationship. Uncool. Calvin, of course, refuses to discuss it further, and storms off to supposedly play the field. Aww. Poor Calvin. And poor Cappy, who is so broken up over his failed efforts with Casey that he gets totally bombed at the strip club after cleaning the frat house from top to bottom. Double aww.

Casey has her own problems to deal with, because the life of a Sorority Superhero is never an easy one. In charge of her sorority's philanthropy efforts, she organizes a musical performance at a "Bible Bunch" after-school program run by Dale (yes, awesome), who seems to have a bit of a crush on Casey. Unfortunately, Ashleigh isn't in the mood to help her out after TravisGate, going so far as to partner up with Rebecca Logan (whose character they do seem to be working on, finally) instead. Even more unfortunately, we don't get to see the final musical product, which apparently involves a giant sexy bee, Marie Antoinette, and dental hygiene. At least we get to see Dale's "Darwin Lied" band perform in a guitar-shredding avalanche of hilariously religious awesomeness. In the end, Casey finds out that Ashleigh is still seeing Travis, and decides to support her friend instead of remaining in the hypocritical judging brigade. Good move, Casey.

Finally, congratulations to Amber Stevens (Ashleigh) for her appearance on Go Fug Yourself. You've really made it now, Amber! (Even if it was just Random Fug.)