Saturday, June 16, 2007

Flight of the Conchords: Check it out. Now.

If you find the following lyrics funny, you will probably enjoy HBO's newest comedy, Flight of the Conchords. The scene: a guy trying to hook up with a girl at a party.

You're so beautiful
Like a dream
Or a high-class prostitute
You're so beautiful
You could be a part-time model
But you'd probably still have to keep a normal job

Amused? Then read on. Flight of the Conchords centers around Bret and Jemaine, two New Zealanders who make up the "digi-folk" duo Flight of the Conchords (both in real life and on this show). The show is fictional, and follows Bret and Jemaine around as they try to make it big in New York. So far, they have a needy band manager whose full-time job is at the New Zealand Consulate, and one married super-fan who walks around with Bret's picture on her t-shirt.

Every so often, Bret or Jemaine will start expressing their hilarious, hilarious thoughts in song. Some of you may find it off-putting for characters to sing randomly on the street, but trust me--the fact that the guys are in a band and the songs are hysterical makes it work. (Although full disclosure: I'm a huge musical theatre fan, so I may have a higher "bursting into song" tolerance than most of the world.) In the first episode, Jemaine tries to date Bret's ex-girlfriend, Bret makes a hair helmet (exactly what it sounds like), and the band makes a music video:

Most comedies take a few episodes before they can really crack me up, because I need to have a better feel for the characters and for the type of humor than I can get within 30 minutes (plus, most comedies take a few episodes to really hit their stride). Flight of the Conchords is not most comedies. I was laughing out loud as soon as Jemaine started singing his first song, and pretty much kept laughing until the end credits. If you love Scrubs and hate Two and a Half Men, Flight of the Conchords may be the show for you. Find out Sunday at 10:30 on HBO, or watch it online now.

(And if you want to see more of Jemaine, check out Eagle vs. Shark, which is apparently New Zealand's answer to Napoleon Dynamite.)


Bruce said...

Thanks for the recommendation. That was a great show I would have missed otherwise. I especially like the robo boogie in the end credits.

Liz said...

Glad you liked it! Yeah, the binary rapping was definitely amazing.

vance said...

DAMNIT. I dont think we get this in Canada yet. CURSED bloody free health care... I want my HBO...

oh well... looks like Ill have to turn to underground sources for this... and you wonder why the numbers on TV aren't good?

Liz said...

Wow, that's totally tragic...what's wrong with Canada?! This show is hysterical--I've already watched the first episode three times! If it's still up online, you can watch the first ep there, and then maybe they'll stream additional episodes?