Friday, June 15, 2007

Top Chef: Bite-sized thoughts

Just a few random thoughts about the Top Chef season premiere:

  • Sandee Birdsong? Any relation to Mary Birdsong?

  • My favorite chef right now: CJ. He's funny, he's competent, and he's very tall. I think he could easily turn the tables on Tom Colicchio during one of his walkthroughs and intimidate him, because CJ's probably got a foot on him, and Tom's got it coming.

  • Loved the first challenge, the exotic surf and turf. Loved even more that they had geoduck. Thanks to Mike Rowe, I have a healthy appreciation for the mollusk, and I know how to pronounce it.

  • Tre's prize for winning the first challenge: an invitation to get "savage drunk" with Anthony Bourdain. That in itself is a little alarming, but then Bourdain hauls out a stack of his collected works, all signed, and suddenly I'm powerfully reminded of Gilderoy Lockhart. Not that I'm saying that Anthony Bourdain is skilled at memory charms and is taking credit for other people's food experiences.

  • Where was Ted? Ted makes everything better. Sure, Bourdain is entertaining, claiming, as he does at one point, that he would have to be drunk to enjoy a chef's dish. (I'm sensing a theme to Bourdain.) But… I was promised Ted Allen, dammit.


David said...

As a Mississippian, I was pretty pissed that Clay a.) played the "I'm a Mississippian, therefore I'm allowed to pretend to be a dumbass" card, and b.) suck royally, to the point that someone who didn't even finish his dish beat him out.