Thursday, June 14, 2007

Studio 60: "Fast" is a relative term

Tonight on Studio 60, exactly two things happened: Jordan's baby was delivered by c-section, and Simon ranted at the press. Now, seeing as those things happened in the first five minutes and last five minutes of the episode, respectively, you probably could have safely gone for take-out in the middle without missing anything. Despite Danny's grammatically suspect claim that "things are moving fast tonight." Oh, Sorkin. You fill me with hope only to dash it cruelly with flashbacks and, well, longer flashbacks.

However, I will concede that this week's episode was slightly less West Wing-wannabe than last week's sad installment. You know, aside from all the stuff about Afghanistan, censorship, and the meaning of patriotism. Methinks Sorkin is still a little raw from The West Wing being criticized for being anti-American after the war started. Which, fair enough, but work out your issues on your own time, Sorkin--I came here to watch a dramatic version of 30 Rock!

So yes, part two of three episodes (don't get me started) found Tom's brother still captive in Afghanistan, and Mike from Las Vegas acting as Chief Army Comforter/Stonewaller. Matt's still working with the hot lawyer on a cockamamie ransom scheme. That is, when he's not having acid flashbacks about his first, failed experiment as Studio 60's showrunner. Way back in the day, you see, back when we were only at war with one Middle Eastern country, Matt and Danny went up against NBS and Jack Rudolph in an attempt to get political on Studio 60 about the war in Afghanistan. And (spoiler alert!) I don't think it's going to end well for Matt and Danny's jobs. You know, in the past. Where we already know what happens. Can't you at least try and keep it interesting, Sorkin? Sigh.

Things are somewhat more involving at the hospital, where an unconscious Jordan is having clotting issues after her c-section. I actually enjoyed some of the scenes between Danny and Jordan's doctor, which is probably more a testament to Bradley Whitford's mad acting skillz than anything else. But seriously, are they going to kill off Jordan? I mean, I know the show's cancelled and all, so it's a moot point, but Jordan is part of this show's Tremendous Trifecta (the three great characters that make up for any number of evils elsewhere in the show--Harriet and Cal are the other two). Don't make it a Tremendous Pair, Sorkin! I wouldn't worry, but the whole "Don't let Danny get attached to his baby, since Jordan's totally going to die and he'll never see that baby again" thing has me concerned, given this show's track record for subtlety and surprise.

Will Mark Jeter survive Afghanistan? Will Jordan survive childbirth? Will Simon survive the angry paparazzi? Will Liz survive another episode? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of this three-parter.