Thursday, July 12, 2007

'America's Got Talent': Meet the finalists

I'm not sure I really saw the point of a second episode of America's Got Talent this week. Tuesday night, the acts were pared from 70 down to 35. Wednesday night, they went from 35 to 20, without any additional performances. Why couldn't the judges go straight from 70 to 20? I can only assume that America's Got Talent is trying to get us, the viewers, trained to tune in on Wednesday nights before the results shows begin. Not a bad idea, considering that I wouldn't have even realized that there was a Wednesday show this week if my DVR hadn't tipped me off to it. (You can't put anything over on my DVR. Except for last week, when the thing insisted, despite all evidence to the contrary, that America's Got Talent was new.)

We started with an update on Ivan the Urban Action Figure, who went to the hospital after crashing during his performance on Tuesday night's show. He's okay, folks – but he didn't make it through. Of course the judges were nice about it, since you can't exactly be mean to the guy who just got out of the hospital. They praised his attitude and encouraged him to come back next year, but it's still a tough break for Ivan, who even fell quite acrobatically. That's talent.

Since we saw 29 of the 35 acts go up in front of the judges, there wasn't too much time to get invested in any of the acts if you weren't already, but there were still a few heartbreaking eliminations, like those of seven-year-old Sage, nice guy/singer Michael, and, one of my favorite acts, The Three Redneck Tenors. One of the Tenors actually began to argue with the judges, sure that they couldn't be serious. He had quite a high opinion of his act, to make such a fuss over it, but I had a very high opinion of them, too, so I was egging him on. Ah, well. See you at the Metropolitan Opry, guys.

So here they are, your 20 finalists:

  • Sideswipe, martial arts troupe
  • Terry Fator, ventriloquist
  • Johnny Lone Star, cowboy act
  • Kevin James, magician
  • Second Story Guys, dancers on stilts
  • The Fault Line, singers
  • Popovich Pet Theater, pet circus
  • Southern Girl, singers
  • The Duttons, country band
  • Boy Shakira, dancer (yes, he made it, and if you saw David Hasselhoff's face as they were delivering the news, you knew he made it - it was like the Hoff had given up on life)
  • Glamazons, singers
  • Cas Haley, singer
  • Manuel Romero, singer
  • Calypso Tumblers, dancers
  • Butterscotch, singer/beatboxer
  • Jason Pritchett, singer
  • Robert Hatcher, singer
  • Johnny Come Lately, rockabilly band
  • Kashif, Bollywood dancer
  • Julienne Irwin, singer

Now it's all up to you. And the judges some more. But also you!