Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eureka: Meet the new boss

Ah, Eureka. Force fields, crowd control goo, reclusive geniuses fishing with stun guns...I couldn't be happier that this show is back for the summer. Tonight, as is often the case, Fargo gets in a spot of trouble. An ever-expanding, potentially Eureka-destroying, force field of doom-shaped spot of trouble. Oops.

And now that Allison is the most powerful person in Eureka as head of Global Dynamics, it's her job to hold off the military brass who want to nuke Fargo and his force field to high heaven. You know, until Carter can step in and save the day with his everyman logic and rugged good looks. But he can't do it without help! Come in, Team Troubled Genius! We have Stark, the troubled ex-boss who just wants to get away from GD and Eureka. Henry, the troubled mechanic who is supposedly honoring Kim's memory by continuing her research at GD. And special guest Dr. Todd, the troubled scientist who left GD after he basically had to blow up one of his colleagues before the very same problematic invention became The Force Field That Ate Eureka. Goooo Team!

How amazing were Fargo's last words about the women he's got crushes on, incidentally? Hilarious! And SO Fargo. And I love Larry, his new nemesis. He's straight out of Ugly Betty, right? His stealing Fargo's desk was totally like something Amanda or Mark would do! I can't wait to see where they go with him. Assistant fight!

Meanwhile, way for Allison, the boss they're fighting over, to show it to the Department of Defense guy! Especially when he was clearly being sexist when he accused her of using emotions over logic. Like Stark would've been all "Yeah, totally, go ahead and drop Fargo down a miles-deep pit and nuke him." Okay, maybe he would have. But Stark's kind of unpredictable that way. In fact, I can see why Fargo and Larry are so into having Allison as a boss. I loved Stark's exchange with Carter after they revived Fargo:
Stark: Good job, Carter. ...Wow, that didn't even leave a bad taste in my mouth.
Carter: Give it a second.
Stark: [pauses] ...Yep, there it is.

And so far, I don't mind the way the show is handling the Stark-Carter-Allison love triangle. Keep it subtle, keep it simple--not too many longing looks, not too many Significant Conversations. Allison wants Stark to stay largely for his expertise, Stark obviously latches on to any hint she gives about caring for him on a personal level. It's not overwrought or overexamined, it just is. Also, props for whoever wrote the last scene between the two of them. When Stark says that Allison handled the situation better than he would have, and she says, "Not better, just differently," it makes me love the show even more. Because really, how many other shows would have said, "Not better, just different," instead? Grammar, people. It's all about the grammar.

Oh, and in other Allison news, was that her taking something from Kim's desk on the surveillance video Henry was watching? A computer chip, or some electronic part? Crazy! And also worrisome for Allison, given that Henry is now secretly a vengeful maniac (all evidence to the contrary in this episode). Will we find out more about Henry's secret plot for revenge? Will Carter ever understand all that scientific jargon? Will Sci Fi stop covering Eureka up with "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" graphics that take up a fourth of my screen? Tune in next week to find out!