Monday, July 23, 2007

Greek: Losing it

I have to say, I'm officially liking this show way more than I probably should, given that it was supposed to be trashy summer fare. This week is all about sex, baby. Rusty's looking to turn in his v-card, Evan's looking to have sex with Casey, Casey's looking to not have sex with Evan, and Calvin's still looking for a few good men (or just the one, I suppose).

First off, I feel the need to ask: Do people actually hook up on pool tables, couches, etc. in the middle of crowded frat houses? Because if so, gross! Second off, do sorority girls actually invite frats to mixers using choreographed dances in their underwear? Because if so, also kind of gross. And finally, would one frat brother actually let another frat brother use his bed for sex? That's true brotherhood, right there.

Seems like the rollercoaster saga of Casey and Evan not having sex, possibly having sex, and then still not having sex has reached its conclusion. I'm kind of (again) grossed out by the idea that Casey has to sleep with Evan for the sake of her sorority (that's unrealistic, right? ...Right?), but I'm still loving her character in general. And after this week, Evan's actually (gasp!) growing on me a little. Although Casey's makeover of Rusty into Evan-lite was, as Cappie pointed out, all kinds of creepy.

Poor Rusty, though! All he's doing is trying to find a date to his frat's event, and Cappie hooks him up with a virgin surgeon? Rusty was clearly not ready for Lisa "the virgin whisperer." So that plot was a bit predictable, if amusing. In particular, I really enjoyed Cappie's sermon on dating, which involved evolution (much to Dale's dismay, I'd imagine), and compared women to "unicorns with breasts." If only, Cappie. If only. Man, Cappie's awesome.

Also awesome is Ashley, Casey's sorority sister and BFF. She's cute, she's funny, she's energetic--she reminds me of Madeline and Louise from Gilmore Girls, but perkier. Her analogies, however, leave something to be desired. Saying that Evan needs to be "McDreamy, not McSteamy," and hold off sleeping with Casey for a while is at best misinformed. Note to Ashley: McDreamy and Meredith slept together in the first episode of Grey's Anatomy. Like, as soon as they met. Ah, well. And rounding out the awesomeness category this week is Dale (Calvin just missed out). Dale's quote of the week: "Sex before marriage is like slapping God in the face." (Closely followed by the Wonder Twins impression by his abstinence club.)

Mad props, incidentally, to Greek for featuring Plain White T’s. I love “Hey There Delilah,” so yay! So what did you guys think? Can this show cross the line from trashy summer fun into semi-worthwhile viewing?