Friday, July 06, 2007

Nine-ies Never Say Die

The Nine is back, baby! Sure, it's only ABC burning off the remaining six episodes. And sure, they didn't film the last one as a finale, so we probably won't come out of it knowing what went on in the bank. But still! This is what I've been begging for since it initially got cancelled! According to TV Squad, the show will air in its original 10 PM Wednesday timeslot, beginning August 1st.

As regular readers will know, The Nine was one of the saddest casualties of the Fall '06 season for me. It was about hostages in a botched bank robbery, and focused both on their lives after the robbery and what happened during the robbery. It was great. Good acting, good writing, interesting just happened to fall victim to the serial drama craze that plagued this past television season. So sad.

At any rate, it's back temporarily, so can I get a hells yeah?


Bruce said...

Hooray. All is,well most is, well there is some good in the world. I will be waiting to watch.

renee said...

I have mixed feelings. I loved The Nine and was really sad that it got cancelled. However, if it's not going to wrap up, I don't know if I want to go through all of the heartache and frustration of watching these last episodes. Can't they just add one a tv movie and wrap it up, too? Please?

Liz said...

Fair point, Renee, but I wouldn't hold your breath for the TV movie. ;) I'm with Bruce--definitely going to watch, heartache or no.