Sunday, July 15, 2007

Flight of the Conchords: I invest all my money in collectable coins

Ah, Flight of the Conchords. Only the thought of the brilliant hilarity of this show (and, of course, the thought of you, my possibly loyal readers) managed to tear me away from my re-reading of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this fine evening. But tear myself away I did, and I was amply rewarded by yet another hilarious episode of Conchords.

The first song, "Business Time," was a hysterical reminder of why I kind of never want to get married: "You turn to me and say something sexy like, ‘Is that it?’ I know what you’re trying to say, girl--you’re trying to say 'Aww, yeeeah, that’s it.' Then you tell me you want some more. Well, uh, I’m not surprised…but I am quite sleepy." Terrifyingly funny, right? The part about doing it in socks, especially, just seems so frighteningly plausible. I don't care how cold it is wherever you live--once you do it in socks, the magic is over. Aaanyway, the thought of settling down and doing it in socks doesn't scare Jemaine so much, I guess, 'cause he's falling over himself to move out and get a new apartment so Sally will date him again (she's baaack).

Bret, understandably, wonders why Jemaine is moving out. He asks if it's because of his mold farm, and as an aside, I had something of a mold farm in my closet back when I was in middle school. I thought it would be cool to see if mold on different kinds of food (all in ziplock bags, of course) turned different colors. It does, and it was cool. Brets glass jar version looks way fancier, though. Jemaine’s actually somewhat more chill about the mold farm than my mom was. And sure, it seems like Jemaine lands on “It’s because you eat too loudly” because he’s sick of Bret’s incessant questioning, but as someone who hates to hear people chewing their food, I would absolutely at least take loud eating (or a roommate's predilection for grape nuts) into consideration when deciding whether or not to move out. It’s just gross, you guys.

At any rate, while it’s definitely not cool to twice date your best friend and bandmate’s ex-girlfriend who broke his heart, Jemaine, it’s substantially less cool to crush on and write happy birthday songs to and make creepy arts and crafts for said ex-girlfriend when you’re dating someone else. Bret. Although Sally’s not really in the clear either, what with this suddenly being engaged to an Australian dude business. Although I can understand how the rock-hard abs would be alluring. Sadly, Bret's Sally obsession led to Coco breaking up with him. Aww...goodbye for now, Sutton Foster! Sorry you didn't get to sing on the show.

In other news, where are these "band funds" that Murry used to invest in intergalactic real estate coming from? Are the mousepads finally selling, or are the guys getting gigs that we aren't seeing? At any rate, I'm not so sure about this whole "buying stars" business when there's so much cheap real estate to be had on the moon. And the moon is far less likely (I hope) to "supernova," leaving nothing but a gaseous cloud and Jemaine's shattered hopes and dreams. Best exchange of the episode:
Jemaine: When did this happen?
Murray: About four million years ago. Sorry.

Finally, I'd like to discuss the fact that Dave seems to think the sight of a puppy being born is at all awesome. It leads me to suspect that Dave has never seen anything born. Ever. Because for reals, birth is disgusting. No matter what species we're talking about. And freshly birthed puppies are not as cute as one might think.

Although I wasn't 100% in love with the final song about Sally (although I was absolutely in love with the fake cheesy music video-ness of it all), this episode was definitely another Conchords classic. I love this show!