Sunday, July 22, 2007

Flight of the Conchords: ...But why draw lightning?

You know what I love about this show, other than its general awesomeness? It's fun. Not just funny, but fun. The guys don't take themselves at all seriously, and don't mind doing stuff like dressing like robots, or David Bowie, or in skintight silver jumpsuits. And they actually seem like they're having a blast doing it (see: the end of tonight's episode, when they dance around in suits singing the "Bowie's in Space" song). Incidentally, I also love the talent they manage to recruit--was that John Hodgman playing the greeting card guy? Quality!

This episode, although it focused on Bret and his body-consciousness/alleged bulimia, was really all Jemaine. His "Bret, You Got it Goin' On" song to cheer Bret up, which Jemaine worries might be too "gay," is hysterical. And it gets progressively less heterosexual as the song goes on, moving from lyrics like "Don't let anybody tell you you're not hump-able / Because you're bump-able / Well I hope this doesn't make you feel uncomfortable," to "No doubt about it we'd be getting crazy / If one of us was lucky enough to be born a lady," to a story about that one night Jemaine was feeling lonely, put a wig on Bret, and spooned him while he was sleeping. Ha! And I love Jemaine's response when questioned about it: "How could that be gay, if you're pretending they're a woman? ...Not that I did that." Perhaps understandably, that night Bret chooses to sleep on a couch in the other room rather than in his bed in the room he shares with Jemaine.

I loved, loved, loved Jemaine as David Bowie Through the Ages (Ziggy Stardust, 1980, Labyrinth...) in Bret's dreams. Amazing. Although he kind of gives bad advice. An eyepatch? Please. And if you're going to advise someone to do "something outrageous," you should probably try a little more direction, so they don't end up exposing themselves to greeting card company guys after drawing lightning on their "wanker." For shame, Dream 1980 Bowie! And that brings us to possibly the weirdest song to hit Conchords yet: "Bowie's in Space." In which they conjecture that it's cold in space--cold enough to make Bowie in space's nipples pointy. Thus, he probably uses them as antennae to send transmissions back to Earth. Because why wouldn't he? (Seriously, what crazy genius thinks of these things?)

I keep worrying that Mel's shtick will get old, but it's pretty much still funny every time for me, and this episode was no exception. "You have a refined bone structure, while Jemaine's features are too deep-set to be classically handsome" isn't an innately funny phrase, but Kristen Schaal's perfect delivery made me laugh out loud (also, she may have the best IMDB photo ever). If you guys haven't yet, you should check out Mel's video blog on the HBO website--it's pretty great, especially the July 9th entry about waiting for the guys. And I'm all for any extra bit of Conchords to help dull the pain of waiting an entire week for a new episode. Man, this show is awesome.