Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back to You: It's not a spoiler if everyone can guess

All right, Fox. I'm sure you get this a lot, but - what the hell? For real. Why did Ray Romano freak you out so much at the Emmys on Sunday, when he gave away part of the backstory behind Patricia Heaton's and Kelsey Grammer's characters on Back to You? Was it that important? Or was it because everyone could guess the Big Huge Secret of the pilot from the info that he dropped? Honestly, secrecy that tight should only be reserved for true gaspers, like the end of The Sopranos or the end of the Heroes pilot. The Big Huge Secret of Back to You that Fox was so desperate to keep under wraps was nothing like that; in fact, it was nothing that a six-year-old couldn't have guessed, provided that the six-year-old watched a lot of TV. I guessed what it was merely by reading the New York Times review. It was obvious and stale, but that's only fitting, because most of the jokes were, too.

In conclusion, I'm really just mad at myself, because I realize now I could have saved myself 22 minutes of my life and not watched the pilot at all. And I wouldn't have had to witness its egregious misuse of Fred Willard. I should have just watched that street fight scene in Anchorman instead. Man, remember when Tim Robbins shows up with his PBS crew? Awesome.


vance said...

I kept thinking. that cant be the twist they've been so secretly hiding and asking all the journalist not to divulge. There's got to be a bigger even more clever twist at the end.

there wasn't.

still. it's landing in my pile of shows I'm ashamed that I watch but I do list (like Reba, What I like about you, Freddie and Out of Practice)

Colleen said...

..wait, i dont see any twist...and i didnt watch the emmys...what?