Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Damages: She's not that innocent

Damages began with a simple premise: innocent law school grad gets tangled up with worldly, scheming attorney. Well, actually, it wasn't that simple, and things have only gotten more complex as the season has progressed. And now it seems that the naïve newbie is getting more complex, too. Could it be that our sweet little ingénue Ellen is becoming one tough chick? It's about time, considering that in three and a half months she'll be fighting with her would-be assassin and staring down the police in the interview room.

(Spoilers, people! Watch out!)

This week, Ellen located Gregory and coolly issued him an ultimatum: come to Hewes & Associates willingly within 24 hours, or get subpoenaed. Of course it didn't come from her, it came from Patty, but she still made it look like she was in control and she knew what she was doing. I haven't been rooting for Ellen much so far, but I was then. Nice one, Parsons. Ultimately, Gregory did decide to come in from the cold, but got spooked and ran off after he dropped the hint that it's not about the broker. And after nearly getting killed, Gregory ran to Ray Fiske for protection.

Oh, and by the way, Frobisher is the guy who's running the guy who's running Gregory, just in case you didn't know that. I honestly can't remember if the show's made it obvious before now, because I always just assumed that it was Frobisher behind it all. If they didn't, it is him, and you all can collect on your bets or say "I told you so" to your friends, or whatever you need to do to acknowledge the fact that you called it.

Aside from that, the Frobisher case mostly took the week off. Frobisher got the idea to write up his memoirs, in a desperate attempt to make himself less loathsome to the public, but the plan hit a snag when he assaulted his ghostwriter. Not to say that it wasn't tremendous fun, and somewhere along the way I ended up hating the sniveling little ghostwriter quite as much as Frobisher did. The magic of Danson, I tell you. Who knew it existed?

Fiske, meanwhile, was having weird dreams about his teeth falling out, which were apparently supposed to mean that he was afraid of other people finding out a secret. So it looks like Fiske is next in line to give up his dark secrets – everyone else has by now.

Hey, remember Lila, the girl that David was all set to have an affair with? Remember how I thought it would make David more interesting? Yeah, funny story about that. Lila, like every other character on the show aside from David and, arguably, Ellen, is not who she seems. She lied about her dead grandfather, will lie to the Future Police, stole David's keys, and did her level best to seduce David, but to no avail. So David continues his reign as the Perfect But Boring Boyfriend, while Lila is either a crazy stalker or working for someone. And on this show, it's probably the latter. Who isn't working for someone? But as Lila was inside their apartment while Ellen and David were in the tub, I wouldn't rule out "crazy stalker" just yet. It would almost be refreshing for someone on Damages to be simply a crazy stalker, with no other agenda – if it weren't just a tiny bit disappointing.