Friday, September 28, 2007

Dexter: Splattering its way to a commute near you

So on my way home from work yesterday, as I was going about my normal business, I ran into a fountain filled with blood. Or rather, filled with artificial blood. The fountain itself isn't even usually there, let alone filled with red water. Hmm. As I walked over, I saw a couple of people in lab coats standing there talking to people. Hmm. Upon closer inspection, though, their lab coats had the Showtime logo on them, and also the logo from their show about a serial killer, Dexter. Craziest promotion ever, you guys!

And apparently, my city wasn't the only one hit. Showtime claims that the water is red because it's their "corporate color," and isn't meant to portray blood, but I'm not buying it. I mean, the employees were wearing lab coats. And in some of the cities, it seems, the fountains were surrounded by fake crime scene tape. Showtime, if you've going to pull a gruesome stunt like this one, you kind of have to OWN it. That said, it certainly livened up my commute!

[Photo courtesy of the fabulous DCist and their guest photographer Eddie Kim, since I wasn't clever enough to take a picture with my cell phone.]


Colleen said...

thats awesome. :D have either of you seen dexter? megan showed me a bunch of episodes. its really quite enthralling, hes an incredible character.

Liz said...

As a matter of fact, since Showtime is having its free "buy our channel" weekend, I've been getting into it. I may have to subscribe now!

Dave said...

Oh golly, I'm so glad other people like/are getting to like Dexter. I really enjoyed the last season (though I really thought I knew who the Ice Truck Killer was, and then I was tragically wrong).

I feel like they've built a character with so many built-in conflicts, it just _has_ to be a great season.

Any thoughts on the second season premiere?

Liz said...

Still working my way through the first season, actually. (And it's kind of hard work not getting too spoiled--this show is getting a lot more attention this season!)