Monday, September 03, 2007

Greek: A passive-aggressive throwdown

Tonight on Greek, passive-aggressive behavior was at an all-time high. And, for the record, it didn't pay off. So I wouldn't bother with that note you're about to leave for your messy roommate--it'll probably just turn into an escalating prank war, or backfire and make everything think you're a jerk.

First up on the passive-aggressive train are Dale and Rusty, who are having the oldest roommate conflict in the book, with a bit of a twist: Rusty wants the room to himself now and then so that he and Jen can hook up more often, but Dale's against sinning and all, so he's not really on board. Oh, Dale. Being sexiled is like a rite of passage freshman year of college! But fair enough--I guess you bring moral objections to the table as well as logistical ones. Anyway, at first Dale agrees to vanish for an evening so that Rusty and Jen K can do the nasty.

However, when Rusty ditches Dale at a nerd lecture, Dale gets all jealous and passive-aggressive, angrily denouncing the presence of Rusty's milk in his fridge and filling the fridge with his own, labeled milk. Rusty fights back in what becomes a war of passive-aggression at a level previously unknown to man. They're typing loudly, people, and tapping their feet against the bed!!! Dale finally bites the bullet and tells Rusty that he feels like Rusty is throwing their friendship out the window, and Rusty replies that they're not friends at all, just roommates. OUCH. Happily, Jen K patiently reminds Rusty that he and Dale are, in fact, friends, despite Dale's conservative religious views, so those two crazy kids are able to work it out and stay roommates. Phew. Rusty clearly handled this situation better than I did with my (first semester only...) freshman year roommate, though to be fair, my roommate and I were not at all friends, and she called my music "satanic" in the first conversation we ever had. (For the record, it was Moby.)

In other passive-aggressive news, we have an ugly situation at ZBZ. It's the time of the year when the "Omega Chi Sweetheart" is elected from the sorority ranks, an honor which is apparently mandatory for any incoming ZBZ president. (So, does ZBZ win every year, then?) At any rate, Casey is selected as the ZBZ finalist, which leads to much screaming and jumping up and down. However, Frannie (the current ZBZ president) is apparently in need of a few extra credits to graduate, and thus will be remaining in school for a fifth year. Aaaand, she decides to run for Sweetheart again, and gets very, very unhappy when Casey refuses to drop out of the race.

Thus, Frannie resorts to passive-aggressive warfare, which becomes openly aggressive when she calls a plumber and puts Casey's name on the work order, thus trapping Casey at the house during the Sweetheart ceremony until the plumbing work is completed. How Cinderella! Luckily, Jen K is able to help with the plumbing (riiight...), and Casey is able to attend the ceremony after all. She gives a really guilt-inducing speech about passing the torch and having a selfless mentor for all things Greek, and wins the vote for Sweetheart (oh-so shockingly). Frannie, it seems, wasn't too touched by the speech, either, and the race for next year's president is ON.

Last but most certainly not least, Cappie participates in a psychology experiment which entails sitting in a room for 30 hours with Rebecca Logan while she administers tests that I thought I'd never have to hear about again after I finished my psychology major. Nothing much happens (we learn that Cappie apparently has hippie parents and an embarrassing real name), though Cappie and Rebecca are getting along fairly well by the end of the experiment. Cappie uses his earnings to pay Casey back for last week's strip club bailout. Aww...he really does care!

And that's it for the penultimate episode--next week is the season finale, so start psyching yourself up now! From the preview, it looks like there will be some heavy drama.