Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Eureka: Now you see them...

Ah, invisibility. Such an apt metaphor for a wide variety of situations. On the one hand, we've got a literal invisibility crisis. On the other hand, we've got the classic "nerdy loner turns from invisible to desirable when cute girl is forced to interact with him" situation. On the other, other hand, we've got the magically appearing new cast member, who was but an invisible Eureka resident to us until she became a love interest.

Let's tackle the invisibility crisis first. Seems there are certain chemicals missing all over town, as well as radioactive isotopes run amok at GD. Oh, and cars hitting invisible objects before turning invisible as well. Hmm. In fact, after Carter cuts himself on Zoe's now-invisible super-Smart Car, he starts turning invisible himself. Yep, the invisibility is infectious (also radioactive and deadly). Look, Sci Fi execs...I don't watch this show for an invisible Jack Carter, you know what I'm saying? Fix it!

Apparently, invisibility is illegal in Eureka, with a treaty to back it up. However, the likeliest suspect for the current crop of invisible chaos is a CIA surveillance expert who worked on the original invisibility research before it was shut down. An invisible Carter and an extremely scared Fargo go hunting for the invisible spook, and are successful in retrieving both his research (yay) and his invisible, radiation-poisoned body (uh-oh). The moral to this story, though, besides "invisibility is bad," is "ask for help," because it seems the spook could have been cured with a little teamwork and chemistry.

Thus, happily, Carter is cured and able to go on a date with Callie. Who's Callie, you ask? Why, she's the town drycleaner/invisibility expert who happens to be a hottie with a thing for men in uniform. What, you never noticed her before? Good job predicting the incoming non-Allison love interest, readers--it wasn't the veterinarian, but still! Allison, for her part, seems to be growing closer to Stark.

Speaking of Stark and the lesson about teamwork, his new alliance with Henry is pretty interesting. I mean, I know they used to be friends, but I feel like Stark is the shady new best friend for the shady New Henry, where Carter was the happy-go-lucky best friend for the happy-go-lucky Henry. They're both very worried about what Henry told Carter during his stupid period last week, and don't want Carter messing around with anything that could harm GD. I'm especially surprised that New Henry is trusting Stark with Beverly's recalibration device that sabotaged Kim's artifact project. I thought New Henry was all secretive and paranoid!

Back to the lesson about invisibility, we've got Zoe and her nerdy new boyfriend. See, at first, he was the socially invisible but perfectly nice geek. But after being partnered up with Zoe for a school project and calling her out for ignoring him just because he's all quiet and nerdy and she's a "hot girl," he totally gets some makeout action, and Zoe finds someone she really clicks with. Unlike Jasper, who doesn't respect her for her mind. Good for Zoe, I guess, although it's certainly bonus when the geeky quiet kid is also really hot. Ah, young TV love.

Finally, Jerky Awesomington, last week's sociopathic genius, seems to have gone missing for the duration of this episode. Or (dare I say it?) invisible... Well, here's hoping he'll be back next week. He was pretty interesting, and I'd love to see Fargo fight it out with him for Jo's affections.