Thursday, September 20, 2007

Top Chef: It's already been broughten

I am so rooting for someone (probably Casey, the roll she's been on) to shut Hung up in the finale. The man has skills, there's no denying that. Considering the ease with which he breezed through this week's Quickfire, and his knowledge of food, and his knifework - except for that one time when he nearly stabbed Casey - it's clear that he's one of the most technically accomplished chefs they've ever had on Top Chef. And he knows it, too. He was all excited in the elimination challenge to show the other chefs "what technique is all about." I'm sure they appreciated the lesson. (Even more annoying: he actually did show them, because he won. Curse you and your refined palates, judges!) It may be true that Hung is better than the other chefs, but the more anyone tells you how awesome he is, the less awesome he actually becomes. Naturally, it's all going to come down to Hung and someone else, and now that CJ is gone, I've found myself in Camp Casey. She's the best non-Hung chef remaining, and I would love to see a woman win. I think it's time. Go, Casey, go!

Oh, and Padma, I just want you to know that you suck for making me think, for that terrible second, that my boy Dale was going home, before you announced that Sara was eliminated. Not cool, Lakshmi. What would I do without Dale in the finale? Who would regale me with classic lines like "Jesus' apostles of culinary greatness" or insist, bizarrely, that he knows when a chef has gotten his/her heart broken or gotten laid, just by tasting the food? I don't want Dale to ever leave me. I want him to do commentary on other shows when Top Chef has finished up. Better yet, I want him to come over and watch TV with me, and rip on everything while I make margaritas. I make an excellent margarita, Dale!


Matthew said...

Come on, Lori... I watched like three episodes of that show, and you forgot a key part of that Casey Chef... she's hot.

The only question is this-- is Casey's hotness enough to overcome that Hung (sp?) guy's clearly better cooking skills?

I've got 35 cents that says no, and it'd be 35 cents that I'd put towards buying a Maxim or FHM that Casey shows up in shortly after the show ends.