Monday, September 03, 2007

Flight of the Conchords: Arf arf!

Dear HBO,
Seriously? Airing the season finale of the best show of the summer over Labor Day weekend? Seriously?? That's not cool, guys. Just not cool. However, I forgive you, since you renewed Flight of the Conchords for a second season.
Love, Liz

Well, if you were out treating Sunday night like it was Saturday (as I was), you definitely missed out on another quality Conchords episode--one which broke the mold a little. Light on Conchords songs, heavy on bongos and angry dances, the season finale saw Murray adding Todd, a bongo player, to the band. Todd, aside from being a terrible bongo player, has far less hair and is substantially shorter than Bret and Jemaine, and wears an unfortunate leather jacket. His interests include "kicking grooves," "banging tunes," "getting it on," making crazy intense faces while drumming, and ending all songs with a ten-minute bongo solo. Oh, and possibly hooking up with Mel. And renaming the band "The Crazy Dogggz," because "Flight of the Conchords" is apparently too long and boring.

When Jemaine tries to kick Todd out of the band, Todd convinces him to fire Bret instead, which actually works out pretty well for us, since Bret does a super-amazing angry dance. So cool, in fact, that words alone can't do it justice:

Meanwhile, Todd is taking over the band and trying to force Jemaine into playing "The Doggy Bounce," a cheesy dance tune that's apparently more about scoring chicks than playing quality music (much like Todd). When Bret isn't allowed back into Conchords, even as a roadie, he starts a new band called "The Original Flight of the Conchords" with Demetri, who plays the keytar. And what's even awesomer than a keytar? The fact that Demetri is played by the comedian/Daily Show correspondent Demetri Martin. Rock! Tension builds, though, as Demetri copies everything Bret does, and Todd becomes increasingly out of control with the bongos. However, Bret and Jemaine still think they're better off in their new bands, and the larger audiences at their gigs inexplicably seem to concur.

Murray comes up with the idea of a four-person supergroup, since both bands are playing the same songs anyway, but Demetri and Todd opt to quit and form the Crazy Dogggz instead. And yeah, they totally hit it big with "The Doggy Bounce" (Arf arf). Like, stadium tour big. They even steal Mel! And Murray, who is now wealthy! Which, good for Murray, since he was certainly abused (mostly unintentionally, of course) by the guys, but it seems he doesn't really have time for Flight of the Conchords and their gigs at the library anymore. Aww. The season finale ends on an angry note, with another angry dance by the guys. Don't worry, Bret and Jemaine--the Crazy Dogggz have "one hit wonder" written all over them.

Well, it's been a great season, and I'll definitely be watching and re-watching all the episodes on my DVR until the new season begins "sometime next year." I somehow feel like my favorite returning comedies will feel a bit disappointing without the characters breaking into hilarious, hilarious song, but I guess I'll get over it in time. Sigh...