Monday, September 10, 2007

Greek: Lies and the lying liars who tell them

Man, tonight's season finale certainly was action-packed! And as usual, we learned a valuable lesson from the good folks at Greek, this time about how lying is bad and prone to backfiring. Mostly. Except when it's kind of not. Thanks, Greek!

The trouble largely stems from a big expose on the Greek system and its partying, sex-crazed ways published in the campus newspaper (Dale: "Finally the liberal media gets something right." HA!). After the Dean of Students announces that everyone's on triple secret probation, Frannie's all for a witch hunt to find the "rat" feeding stories to the paper, until Casey points out that most of the examples published had to do with Zeta Beta Zeta, thus making their sorority the most likely source of vermin.

And (gasp!) Jen K is the rat! She fesses up to Rusty that she's been undercover all year for the school newspaper, which is quite competitive and goes for flashy articles. He's really upset, especially since he and his sister's personal lives were (albeit anonymously) described in the article. But, okay, I one hundred percent don't buy that the AP would be picking up this article for national syndication. I mean, how shocking could sex, cheating, and drinking possibly be in a large school's Greek system? That's hardly newsworthy, let alone on the national wires. But whatever. Casey and Frannie are also understandably upset when they find out, especially since a national representative from the sorority (played by Charisma Carpenter!) is coming to see if they deserve to keep their charter. Frannie tries to chalk it up to Jen K being a pathological liar, against Casey's advice.

Casey and Ashleigh lure Cordelia to a "Greek-Free Zone" (a poetry reading), and Casey lays some truth on her, agreeing to take the fall in order to save the chapter. Of course, this selflessness pays off (as it always seems to on television), and Cordelia ends up removing Frannie as president and installing Casey in the interim. Frannie and Casey have officially moved from frenemies to enemies, especially after Frannie goes to Evan and tells him that Casey stayed with him for political reasons after he cheated on her, and is totally still into Cappie. Evan doesn't take this very well, especially after Casey admits to kissing Cappie, and breaks it off with Casey. Fair enough, I suppose, although it's kind of ridiculous to see him getting all holier-than-thou when his cheating caused all these issues. "You jerk, you stuck with me solely for political gain after I cheated on you" just doesn't seem that sympathetic to me, somehow. I mean, not to use the obvious and dated example, but I don't think anyone's all, "Poor Bill--Hillary only stayed with him after he hooked up with an intern to keep up her image."

Aaanyway, in the meantime Casey has convinced an uncertain Rusty to break it off with Jen K. He wonders what makes this situation different from the situation when Evan cheated on her, and Casey claims it's because Jen K betrayed his friends and family as well as just him. I kind of think Casey might be using that as an excuse to keep Rusty from making the same mistake she made by staying with Evan. So this episode leaves Jen K sad, friendless, and boyfriendless, all because she lied to get ahead.

However, ABC Family would also like us to see the dangers of not lying, because family programming is all about the mixed messages. You see, Ashleigh, somehow, hasn't gotten the 411 on Calvin's sexuality, and awkwardly and horribly tries to seduce him after breaking up with Travis. So! Uncomfortable! At first, it seems like a total "don't lie to your friends about your sexuality because it will only end in awful, awful awkwardness" moral, but after Ashleigh gets over her embarrassment and decides to be a friend to Calvin, she accidentally outs him to his fraternity. Um, yikes. So...keep on lying to friends who are too ditzy to be trusted with secrets? Calvin's furious at Ashleigh, and the brothers are really uncomfortable and quiet around him until he just takes off his pin and leaves. Aww.

Finally, in his last night on campus before heading home for the semester break, Rusty stumbles upon Cappie and Rebecca Logan in bed at the frat house. EW. So to recap: Casey and Evan - broken up. Cappie: Just slept with Casey's sworn enemy. Rusty: Totally knows about it and is going on a ten-hour road trip home with Casey. Hmm...something tells me that the second season premiere in '08 might be a bit explosive. I kind of can't wait.


Bruce said...

Kind of? I know I can't wait. What a fun show. A nice pleasant end of summer treat. I figured I would watch the first couple and give up, but ended up not only sticking around, but looking forward to it each week. We can only hope some of the new fodder this fall is as good. We shall see.

Liz said...

I hear ya--this one was definitely a good surprise. I started to blog it assuming it would be a good one to make fun of, only to end up actually enjoying it! Just goes to show [insert cliche about judging a book by its cover, or channel, or whatever]...