Friday, December 14, 2007

All 3 Seasons of Arrested Development for $30!

Amazon's Gold Box Deal today is all three seasons of Arrested Development (the greatest, funniest, awesomest show on Earth) for only $30. It's just until they run out, which will probably happen fast, given the awesomeness of the deal, so go order now!

Ten freaking bucks a season, people. [GOB voice] COME ON!!! [/GOB voice] If you already own it, get a backup copy just in case tragedy strikes and something happens to the original! (Not that I just did that or anything...I'll probably end up giving it away as a Christmas present...probably...)

Afternoon Update: Looks like they're sold out. Sorry if you missed out, but it's still worth paying full price for!


Greg Palmer said...

They did this last year, too. I've spent many rainy days enjoying all three seasons. Fantastic show!

Liz said...

"Fantastic" doesn't even TOUCH the awesomeness that is AD. COME ON!!! :)

(Also, is it insulting that Amazon has twice basically given it away? It's worth so much more, everyone! So much more!)

Greg Palmer said...

True, I'm completely underselling the show. I'll come up with something more exuberant once I've had my coffee!