Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New "AMPTP" Website!

Well, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (or rather, someone who cleverly registered amptp.com) has finally gotten around to creating a new website, and it does NOT disappoint.
Sample from their FAQ:

Why does the WGA hate freedom and democracy so much? It's unclear. Big corporations have given the world electricity, affordable cornmeal, and "Two and a Half Men." What have unions ever given us? Answer: Communism and a disgustingly high minimum wage.

They also have some fun facts! For example, did you know that six out of 10 non-Judd Apatow movies never recoup their original investment? Or that Viva Laughlin was written by a writer? Fascinating! And be sure to check out their section featuring proposed logo designs. I'm partial to the smiley face one myself, though Batman (pictured above) is a close second.

What say they about the recent breakdown in negotiations?
We are heartbroken to report that despite our best efforts, including sending them a muffin basket, making them a mix CD, and standing outside their window with a boombox blasting Peter Gabriel songs, our talks with the WGA have broken down. Quite frankly, we're puzzled as to why this happened. We talked about it all the way home – after we walked into their hotel room, slapped our list of demands on the table and abruptly left the negotiating session – and none of us could figure out what went wrong.

So sympathetic! But what about the writers' demands?
They demand full control over reality and animation programming, despite the fact that neither genre requires any writing at all. It is, after all, a well-documented fact that "Flavor of Love" is a Frederick Wiseman documentary about a man who happens to be choosing a bride from among 20 whores, and that "Family Guy" is entirely improvised by a cast of extremely precocious illustrations.


Seriously, go check out the site. Those AMPTP folks are truly some fresh, innovative thinkers. (Here's the real site, for comparison purposes only--don't be swayed by their fancy logo and purportedly informative bullet points!)


Vance said...

I get it now. haha...

alright, if I make it through the storm to get to NY, Im going to see Rockettes, Wintuk, Grinch, Fuerzabruta, Spring Awakening (again), August Osage County and Die Mommie Die, and whatever other deal we can get!

Liz said...

Wow, that's an intense schedule! I'm totally jealous. Have fun and good luck with the weather!