Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What's your favorite new comedy?

As you may or may not know, Pushing Daisies and Chuck are finalists for People's Choice Awards this January! The category is Favorite New TV Comedy (the third finalist - and probable winner, sadly enough - is Samantha Who?), and polls are open pretty much until the award is announced during the telecast on January 8th. (Which may or may not have writers and attendees...) While I love Pushing Daisies AND Chuck very much, I am throwing my weighty influence behind Pushing Daisies. Mostly because I like it more, but also to reward its outside-the-box sensibility.

People's Choice Awards
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As far as Favorite New TV Drama goes, I didn't bother voting. Personally, my favorite new drama is Life, which doesn't rise to the level of either of the aforementioned comedies, but does a good job keeping me entertained. Unfortunately, the finalists are Private Practice, Moonlight, and Gossip Girl, so...yeah. Anyway, don't let the weak dramas this year turn you off--vote for Pushing Daisies early (Chuck is also an acceptable choice, though I'm worried these two will split the "cool" vote), and vote for it often!


carlito said...

pushing daisies and chuck aren't comedies. Let's be honest. I'm all for the evolution of the comedy, but these two hardly rate as comedies. Sam deserves to win. The writing is great and jean smart is divine.

Liz said...

They're more comedies than dramas, and both of them make me laugh out loud more than Samantha Who? (I know, I know...it's clearly just not my kind of comedy. I tried!)

I see your point, but I think it would be unfair to leave difficult-to-catagorize shows out altogether, and they fit in more with the comedies than the dramas. And are funny!