Monday, December 10, 2007

On the Glowy Box: I miss Chuck already...

Bad news from the negotiating front. Don't forget to take a minute and write the producers of your favorite shows to tell them that you support the writers!

In other news, my weekend in New York didn't exactly leave me with a lot of time for TV-watching. (Though it did leave me time to get hit in the face with a glowstick during a performance of Xanadu: On Broadway. Best way EVER to get a cut on your nose!)

Over the Weekend:
Reaper: From Tuesday. I'm definitely enjoying the whole Devil's daughter plotline. It was time to give the Andi thing a rest, at least for a while. Also, is it just me, or has that bank employee/donut guy been in a LOT of stuff? (And the donut shop manager was totally Vincent from Eureka!)

How I Met Your Mother: Ted's friends try to convince him that he should not date his doctor by sharing some of their own toxic experiences. 8 PM, CBS.

And the slim pickings continue. Sigh.


Lain said...

hey, thanks for the link for writing letters to producers! i have been keeping up on all the strike news, but that's the first time i saw that link.

i agree about the devil's daughter direction (watched reaper over the weekend as well). i didn't see that coming, but i definitely dig it.

Liz said...

No problem! I write about the email campaign a bit more in this post: but basically it's an amazingly easy way to let the producers know how you feel. Spread the word!

Toby said...

Vincent from 'Eureka' has a funny bit in the New York lottery commercial (or was it the national campaign for Mega-Millions?)

At any rate, after tons of money falls from the sky, the camera cuts to him screaming "MONEY!" and then joining in with the other passersby to scoop it all up in a frenzy.

Makes me laugh every time I see him do that.

Liz said...

That's awesome! I love that guy--he's so perfectly cast on Eureka, so I'm glad he's finding other work in his downtime.