Monday, December 10, 2007

Create Your Hero

As you may or may not have noticed, I'm a wee bit behind on Heroes. Like, months behind. Let's just say I'm saving it up on my DVR for the lean days ahead. Anyway, NBC and Sprint are doing a neat promotion:

"Create Your Hero" is an web-based promotion presented by Sprint in which Heroes fans are called upon to vote on various physical and personality attributes for the creation of a new hero. There will be one male hero and one female hero, created from the culmination of the most voted attributes. The new heroes will come to life in an original, live action series, which will run exclusively on

You can head here to vote, or click on the image above. And because, as you well know, nothing can be done without a YouTube video these days, here's a trailer. Of course, one wonders who will be writing these live action webisodes, and whether they'll be WGA members and get some of the big money Sprint's clearly putting up here. Sigh...

At any rate, I went with an evil female hero with superior mental speed who uses her powers to exact revenge, and an ambiguously evil male hero who hides his power to affect the speed of people. They'd be such a cool team! (A mostly evil team, but still! Sadly, I seem to be in the minority in wanting evil heroes. Though I would point out that an evil "hero" would be more of a villain, really. Just sayin'.)

Oh, and full disclosure: M80 gave me the info on this campaign, and have offered me an "officially licensed" t-shirt for my troubles, which should go nicely in the closet along with all my bootlegged Heroes t-shirts. (Just kidding. I keep them in the dresser. ...Rimshot!)