Monday, December 17, 2007

Glowy Box Mailbag: Janice, Treasure, and One Potential Stalker

It's time for another edition of Glowy Box Mailbag, where you ask Google questions, Google sends you our way, and we finally get around to answering them. Or mocking you. Either way.

Q: is janice's modeling agency real

A: Great question! Unfortunately, it brings us into a bit of an existential dilemma. What is "real," really? The "agency" has a myspace page. Does that make it real? Said myspace page includes an address where wannabe models can send headshots, which is promising. Of course, the address is for the production office, and not the agency. Hmm. However, the page also has this to say about Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: "Unlike many 'reality' shows, there are no fake contests or contrived situations. It..s [sic] a real business with real financial, personal and professional stakes." I'm guessing the "Suck it, Tyra!" is implied there.

I suppose her agency is "real" in that she had to set up a real agency for the show to exist. Would there be an agency without the show? Almost certainly not. I leave you with this quote from Albert Einstein: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ...Does that help?

Q: what haven't the "cash and treasures" crew gone looking for

A: Um...ancient Freemason treasure, the spare change lodged in my couch cushions, and the gold at the end of the rainbow? It definitely seems like they've gone looking for just about everything on Cash and Treasures (including old bottles and fluorescent minerals). However, the second season just started on the Travel Channel (with Kirsten Gum as the new host, since Becky Worley is out pregnant), and they've already come up with Herkimer Diamonds, Emeralds, Agates, and Turquoise, so maybe there is some new treasure under the sun for Cash and Treasures. And hopefully some of it not gem-related. (For the uninitiated, this surprisingly addictive show is on Tuesdays at 9 PM on the Travel Channel.)

Q: where does paul adelstein live?

A: Creepy, much? I'm going to assume he lives in LA, where Private Practice films. And I'm going to remind you that stalking is illegal in California.

That's it for this edition of the Mailbag! Keep on googling, and I'll keep on occasionally answering! (And I know it wasn't technically a question, but for the two of you who got to Glowy Box by googling extreme underground catfights...well...I'm sorry to have disappointed you, though I recommend checking out my Top Model recaps.)


Bruce said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your mailbag. Thank you. I feel your pain. I wish I had loaded more so so shows up on my DVR this fall so that I would have something to watch now. Maybe I can catch up on some of the movies I have that I haven't seen yet. I am glad that I enjoy watching sports since that won't go away.

Liz said...

Thanks! Yeah, the google queries that end up taking people to my site are sometimes rather astonishing, but the questions always crack me up the most.

I definitely plan in investing in a Netflix account for the new year. (Twin Peaks and Sports Night, here I finally come!)