Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Don't kill the bar!

Oh, SNAP! ABC isn't even airing all the episodes of Big Shots, despite the fact that they're rapidly running out of original scripted programming. Though I feel bad for the rest of the cast, I'm going to take this as a well-deserved slap in the (oddly plastic) face for Dylan McDermott, who has annoyed me ever since his days on The Practice.

Last Night:
How I Met Your Mother: Hmm. On the one hand, MEL!!! On the other hand, four semi-funny stories do not one very funny story make. It had its moments (Barney wiping Ted's hair gel from his hands, Barney referencing back to past rules like the Lemon Law and the Crazy/Hot Scale, Barney being Barney...), but in the end, the fall finale a mild disappointment for me. Rest up and return even wittier (and fairly paid), writers!

Psych: From Friday. Is it just me, or did those special Psych holiday credits go up to eleven? So awesome! Just about as awesome as this show, actually. I mean, sure, it's often predictable: Sean will get Gus into a pickle, Sean will pick on Lassiter, Jules will be adorable, Sean will brilliantly solve the case in an front of an astounded crowd, etc. But it's one of the most consistently enjoyable shows on television, and I don't say that lightly. I especially liked spending time with Gus's family--it's nice to see the writers working on character development, even on a lighthearted show such as this one. Also, when is that Psych snow globe inevitably going to turn up in a charity auction? Because I'm going to start scraping together cash now.

Boston Legal: Alan and Denny decide to take action after trying to sue the National Guard for failing to aid a business flooded during a storm; Shirley's granddaughter wants to sue after being expelled from school for making a social statement. 10 PM, ABC.

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Janice searches for new models after losing two of her top earners. 10:30 PM, Oxygen.

The presence of JDMA more than makes up for the lack of everything else. Trust me. Odds of Janice beating the two deserting models with a $500 stiletto for failing to appreciate what she's done for them are better than 50:50. (She and Tyra have that in common.)


Vance said...

I liked HIMYM but then again, it was the middle of the night, after the company party, the morning of the last day of my work here before I jetted off to NY for a mini vacation... so I could have been happy in general for other reasons too. Still, I found myself laughing out loud a lot!

As for JDMA... Maybe I can catch a new ep while Im in the states!

Liz said...

1) Yeah, I felt like the jumping back and forth structure was quintissential HIMYM, with some great individual jokes, but that it didn't hold up as a whole. But...I do tend to be excessively hard on the shows I love the most. So this is probably just an expression of that.

2) You will NOT be disappointed. Bitch is CRAZY.

Bruce said...

I loved Psych as well. I will say I didn't know it was going to be on until I saw your blog on Saturday and thought I missed it. Don't you love those smart little DVR's catching shows for you that you didn't even know were going to be there? I would have liked a touch more Jules, but between season fun is always good and I agree with the intro being awesome.

Liz said...

I hear that! I totally though I had forgotten to record it, since I went to NY for the weekend, but when I came back, there it was waiting for me!