Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On the Glowy Box: So...busy...

Happy Birthday, Tyra Banks! You're crazy, but I love ya. Head over to I Am A TV Junkie for your Tyra fix today, where it'll be all Tyra, all the time. Also, can we acknowledge that Janice Dickinson clearly planned for her show's season premiere to fall on Tyra's birthday on purpose, in a diabolical scheme to steal Tyra's thunder? (I fear the scheme is bound to fail, though. In the eternal struggle of Janice vs. Tyra, Janice always comes out on top. Much as Oprah always comes out on top in the eternal struggle of Tyra vs. Oprah.)

Last Night:
Chuck: Though not as insanely awesome as the last couple weeks (how could it be?), last night's episode was classic Chuck, with the added bonus of continuing Casey's development into the awesomest NSA agent that ever awesomed. However, I'm sort of missing something here: Isn't Chuck way better than the Intersect, in many ways? I mean, it makes sense to have the replacement computer, so that you can search for things, everyone can use it, etc., but Chuck is still incredibly valuable in that he flashes on things immediately, without having to look up all the guests at a party, or search for a weapon in a database. If he's proven himself to be loyal, why on Earth would you throw that away? (Of course, the answer is clearly that you wouldn't, or else the show would end after ten episodes. But it doesn't even seem plausible that the agencies would be considering it, to me. Just a little quibble.)

Reaper: Sam secretly begins dating Cady, even though he thinks she may be the devil's daughter; the latest escaped soul is a bank robber who tries to collect the cash he hid after his last heist. 9 PM, The CW.

Tin Man: Part Three. The attributes of DG and her companions try to keep the O.Z. from permanent darkness as the double eclipse of its twin suns approaches. 9 PM, Sci Fi.

Boston Legal: Denny, arrested under unusual circumstances, asks Alan to represent him; Shirley represents a DJ fired for making inappropriate comments on air; Katie wonders whether Lorraine Weller is harboring a dark secret. 10 PM, ABC.

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Season Premiere. Janice hurries to find the hottest Latino faces in Los Angeles. 10:30 PM, Oxygen.

Welcome back, Janice! We missed you and your crazy bitch ways!