Tuesday, May 01, 2007

America's Next Top Model: Clip shows are SO not fierce

As usual on ANTM, just when things start to get interesting, Tyra hits us with a clip show. Here's what we learned:

  • Cassandra was a million times greater than we ever got a chance to realize. The girls had a pretend fashion show one night in which they sort of portrayed each other, and Cassandra was a Russian model. It was hilarious and amazing. Too bad she sucked at modeling.
  • Jael, on the other hand, was a million times crazier and more annoying than we knew. Renee earns my (probably not undying, but still quite strong) affection by calling Jael "a female Kramer."
  • Jaslene was more up in people's faces than we saw before, but is pretty much exactly as full of herself as we thought.
  • Renee kept talking about how much she misses her kid, which, fair enough. But when she repeatedly says stuff like, "I would give anything in the world to take my kid to the park right now," she loses my affection (told you it wasn't undying). Anything, Renee? Your kid's not dead, you just decided to go on a reality show. You'd clearly give anything but the chance to be Top Model. Shut up, Renee.
  • These chicks are pretty tough! Cassandra got frostbite and had to go to the hospital from holding ice cream in her hand for too long. Natasha got a cavity in her wisdom tooth and had to have the tooth extracted. With minimal painkillers, apparently. Damn.

Those are pretty much the highlights of the clip show. No huge surprises, no crazy revelations. Let's hope they make up for it this week with some Aussie craziness. (I'm crossing my fingers for male models AND venomous snakes, but not at the same time.)


Colleen said...

speaking of snakes, at the zoo today i read this article in a reptile magazine talking about snakes on a plane. It had lots of amusing little tidbits, like how they did their filming in vancouver and the american snake supplier had to bring like 800 snakes over the border. The snakes barely got a glance, but he got chewed out for having an apple in his car. Also, it talked about how the same snake handler put the fear of god into the crew and extras with warnings and threats to not mistreat his snakes. And how they had a bunch of gopher snakes but they were too small and zippy for filming. And how the handlers would like pass handfuls of snakes down the isles of extras in their seats for them to drape over themselves.

Anyway, thought youd like that.

Liz said...

Ha- that's awesome! I SO would've rocked as an extra in that movie. I would've been all, "Pass the python over here!" Although that makes me wonder about our border control, since (although I'm no biologist) I'd imagine exotic animals (especially predators) would probably pose a greater ecological threat than exotic fruit. But hey, what do I know?

kaakaaz said...

sHi guys!I guess u lacked what to write in the ffirst place. Stop those cosmetic writings. Everything gotta b authentic. Well, That was cool with me and see u soon. Bye. dont care about my a''se Ok.

Liz said...

Well, to be fair, ANTM isn't really the best standard of authenticity, is it? (And let's not get into how "cosmetic" it is...)