Friday, May 25, 2007

Blinding Me With Food Science

I recently caught an episode Iron Chef America after a few months off, and, well, I noticed something interesting. So I've decided to bring it to the Internets to see if anyone out there's got an answer for me. When, exactly, did Alton Brown become Thomas Dolby circa 1982? Don't get me wrong, Alton is cool, and he can do whatever he wants, as far as I'm concerned. But the spiky hair and round glasses only add to the eerie resemblance between them. He's gotta know that, right?

(Here's where I would post a picture, if I could find any of Alton as Dolby, but I can't. But I insist that I am not crazy, and that this actually happened.)


Liz said...

You are crazy. (Just kidding--I've got no clue what Thomas Dolby looks like, and am too lazy to google image it.)

But, um...yay, Alton Brown! Although moreso on Good Eats than Iron Chef America. Original Iron Chef is about a thousand times better.