Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Veronica Mars: Look, What Did I Just Say About the Ethnic Slurs?

A long time ago, there used to be a show about a college-age private eye, and I've thought about it a lot lately, because its future is extremely uncertain. Will it be back? If it is, will Veronica be back in college or with the FBI? As you go about your business today, spare a thought for Veronica and for Rob Thomas, who's pitching Season 4 to the CW execs today. Send him your good thoughts, or send the CW your threatening mail. You know, whatever you think will help.

On her first day back in months, Veronica takes on a case of vandalism at a restaurant owned by a Middle Eastern family. The perp is a kid whose brother came back wounded from Iraq, but, as this is Veronica Mars, things aren't so clear-cut. The kid was provoked by an anti-American cartoon produced by an immigrant who works at the restaurant. The owner meets with the kid and decides not to press charges, everyone's proud to be an American, there's forgiveness all around – except for the guy who works at the restaurant, who gets the INS called on him. Kind of sours the "yay, freedom" ending a little bit. Meanwhile, Keith is cracking down on underage drinking and having to deal with lazy, disrespectful deputies, who all get canned when Keith decides to start kicking some ass. Man, did I ever miss incompetence in the Balboa County sheriff's department. I know, it's weird, but Lamb left a very big hole. Happily, the whole thing provides a good excuse for Keith to work with/blackmail Wallace and Piz. It's always nice when Wallace has something to do.

In fact, Wallace has two things to do this week (I know! It's crazy!) – besides helping Keith with his sting operation, he also tries to get Piz a girl and keep him away from Veronica. It doesn't work so well, because Piz ends up kissing Veronica. But Veronica kisses him back! And then Logan sees them! Veronica, I'm pleased that you were finally able to locate, much less jump on, the "Piz is cool" bandwagon, and, really, better late than never, but it is still pretty late in the game. Chris Lowell is leaving at the end of the season for the new Grey's Anatomy spinoff, and what's going to happen then? Ah, I should just enjoy it while it lasts, and be glad they won't have time to get like Veronica and Logan.

Next week: Paul Rudd. This is going to be GREAT.


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