Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heroes: It's the Bomb.

It's the season finale of the most intricately plotted show this season. And if you weren't gasping or jumping in your seat every five minutes, then you were probably watching Dancing with the Stars, weren't you? In this episode we get a few choice revelations: Mama Petrelli knew Richard Roundtree (remember? Simone's dad?), there's a guy worse than Sylar out there (season two!), and Bennet's first name is Noah. I know! Season finale time also means it's time to say goodbye, at least for a little while, to the characters we've come to love, and there are some really sweet scenes. You guys know I love Hiro and Ando, so it's no surprise that Hiro leaving Ando behind in Japan made me melt into a little puddle. Hiro gives Ando his sword, as a guarantee he'll be back, and Ando tells him he looks bad-ass. So, I mean, essentially they're declaring their love for each other. And how could I not love Molly, when she took her words to Matt right out of my mouth? Yeah, he's my hero too, girl. And, for real, don't die, Matt. But there was one pair I wasn't expecting to care about: the Petrelli brothers. The two of them – oh. Wait. That's the big stuff. We'll just hold off on that for now.

Okay, first: The Buildup. The Bad Petrellis (Mama and Nathan) separate the Good Petrellis (Peter and Claire) and threaten to take Claire out of the city, even as they're all, "Eh, Peter can regenerate. He'll be fine." So can Claire, remember, so why take her out of New York? Anyway. Niki taps into her strength to beat up Candice and get Micah back. Hiro saves Ando, of course. And Matt breaks up the standoff over Molly, through sheer force of awesome. Or maybe just by telling them to knock it off.

Then: The Bomb. The entire season has been leading up to this moment, and damn near every hero is on hand to play his or her part. It's awesome. Everyone attacks Sylar, starting with Bennet, who gets thrown into a wall. Matt shoots at him, the idiot, and gets his own bullets in the abdomen for his trouble. Niki wails on Sylar with a parking meter. Hiro stabs him and gives a totally bad-ass "Yata!", easily one of the greatest things in this episode for its sheer unexpectedness. Anyway, the stabbing takes Sylar out of commission for the moment, so as Peter goes nuclear, Claire steps up with the gun – but can't do it. Instead, it's Nathan who swoops in to save the day, to pick up his brother and fly off with him into the atmosphere, where they can explode harmlessly. Awww. I admit, I'm at a loss as to what they're going to do without the Petrelli brothers, particularly Peter (but then, I suppose he could always have survived). But if they had to go out, this was the nicest send-off they could have given them. It brings their story full circle. When we first met them, their powers seemed to be the same, and now we find that they were complementary.

Who I'll be worried about over the summer: Sylar, mortally wounded and skulking around the sewers; Matt, shot in the gut (D.L. seemed to recover from the same wound pretty fast, so that's good news for Matt, I guess); and Hiro, transported back to 1671 Japan. Yata?