Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Heroes: Some Bad Mothers (Shut Your Mouth)

Just in time for Mother's Day, it's an episode filled with moms who really make you appreciate your own mom. There are icy, manipulative moms like Mama Petrelli, fake, kidnapping, threatening moms like Candice, and a mom who unwittingly helps her son along to further evil. This last would be Sylar's mom. See, Sylar runs to his mom when he becomes afraid that he's the exploding man, because killing people is wrong, when they're innocents and in numbers greater than one. He wants his mom to tell him it's okay to be normal – which she refuses to do. He shows her his powers, one thing leads to another, and she ends up with scissors in her heart. It was a nice humanizing thing while it lasted, but we'll probably never get that again. Shame, because one of the really interesting things about Sylar is how nerdy and earnest he is when he's not filled with murderous intent. Oh, and also: Sylar breaks the Sword of Destiny. But what was that I saw George Takei brandishing at Hiro in the previews? Sword of Destiny II?

So Bennet, Ted, and Matt (blink twice and you miss 'em) are on their way to New York to destroy the Walker tracking system, right? The Walker system turns out to be – dun dun! – a little girl named Molly Walker, who can find the location of anyone just by thinking about them. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Molly is the same girl Matt found hiding when we first met him. Molly's got the same immune thing that Mohinder's sister had, which is blocking her power. Then there's no reason for The Dream Team to take her out, right? Except that Mohinder fixes her. So… that was really just an excuse to talk about Shanti for an entire episode, huh? If she's the tracking system the guys are looking for, why else would she need to be broken and then fixed again?

Meanwhile, Peter bonds with his niece by asking her to shoot him if he goes nuclear. Awww. That chance comes sooner than you'd think, because Peter and Claire run into The Dream Team upon their arrival in New York, and Peter's hands immediately start glowing. Matt, the erstwhile cop and security professional, and Bennet, the man with the plans, just stand there. You guys, how hard is it to knock him out? Ah, well, I'm sure they do it at the beginning of next week's episode. Right, Matt? Bennet?