Tuesday, May 01, 2007

24: All About Audrey

The first rule of being in charge of CTU: always listen to Jack Bauer. How do you think Buchanan lasted so long? He rolled over almost every single time for Jack, and it was always the right call. Nadia has to learn this rule the hard way this week when Jack insists on being allowed to talk to Audrey to try to snap her out of her catatonic state. The alternative is a pharmaceutical procedure with a high likelihood of killing her, and I have no idea if this is sound psychology or not, but given how eager the psychologist is to try it, I'd say the problem rests squarely with him. Certainly he has some sort of problem, since he delivers all his lines in a super-fast monotone that makes me wonder if anyone explained to him that "There's no time!" is just an expression that Jack likes to throw around. There's always time for taking a breath, shrink guy. With a little help from Doyle, Jack breaks out Audrey and manages to get through to her, because Jack is always right. But it really is a sweet scene between the two of them, so I can't complain. The episode ends with Heller (yay, William Devane!) showing up to call Jack a curse (it's true) and take Audrey home. No! I don't want Kim Raver to leave yet! She's doing a fantastic job – particularly as Audrey is slowly coming around – and she's the most interesting thing going on right now. Thank goodness IMDb says she's staying.

Meanwhile, in the White House, they're getting all kinds of threats from the Russians, who know about the chip, and poor Tom gets seriously grossed out when Daniels tells him about his affair with Lisa. At least, that's what it looked like to me, although I could have been projecting. And then there's Morris, who somehow hasn't learned yet that working, or doing anything, with Chloe is always going to be uncomfortable. He whines some more, but Nadia awesomely shuts him down. She's really doing a good job running CTU. But Chloe goes missing, which sucks, because why the hell can't Morris be the one who disappears?


Anonymous said...

Re: "The first rule of being in charge of CTU: always listen to Jack Bauer."

Yes, if they would have listened to him he would be dead right now. Oh... That's right I forgot he is also an escape artist along with all the other many impossible talents (i.e., psychotherapist) he has.

I was laughing my head off watching the stupidity of this show.