Friday, May 18, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Bring back the happy, Shonda!

Last night's season finale of Grey's Anatomy kept up the heart-crushingly depressing tone of this season, as everyone failed at life. (And tests.) First, the most literal failure: George didn't pass his intern exam. You know, that final exam that transforms you from a sexy but increasingly depressed intern into a soulless cutting machine of a resident. The one that forces you to repeat your intern year if you fail it. Yeah. That exam. Ouch. Oh, and he and Callie (and her raging hormones) are trying to have a baby. And Izzie declares her love for him (and fails to get a response). And now his wife is the new chief resident, because the Chief is off his damn rocker. Vengeance will be yours, Bailey! So anyway, not a great day for George.

Alex, in the meantime, totally disses Eva/Rebecca/Formerly Amnesiatic Chick when she asks him to give her a reason not to go back to her unhappy marriage. Addison gives him a kick in the pants, but he doesn't get to the hospital in time to catch her. As far as the Fab Four go, Sloane, Addison, and Burke get turned down for Chief outright. Derek, on the other hand, actually gets offered Chief, but turns it down to give the old Chief a chance to lean from his mistakes and do it all again. Which, fine, but since it seems that the Chief is now back with Adele (yes, he's the baby daddy), I don't understand how he can do the job without repeating the exact same mistakes. Wasn't his whole point about the job that you can't do it AND have a good outside life at the same time?

As for Derek, he tells Meredith that she's the only one for him, but he doesn't want to waste his time if she's not in it to win it, too. And she...says that she really, really needs to get Cristina down that aisle. Derek is not encouraged. And neither is Meredith when Cristina and Burke fail to get married. Cristina, completely emasculated (esurgeonated?) in a horrible Burke family choker and with no eyebrows (yeah, Burke's mom may be evil), professes wholeheartedly that she "thinks" she wants to get married. That's not quite enough for Burke, who realizes he may have pushed her too far. Of course, not getting Chief and leaving Cristina at the altar in one day is a bit much for him, and he bails. Like, bails. No trumpet, no record collection, no picture of his grandmother left. Just a sad, destroyed bride.

And that's it. Oh, except that there's a new crop of interns arriving at the hospital, and one of them is Meredith's half-sister...AND the chick who was hitting on Derek at the bar. Intriiiiguing.