Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heroes: I Wish Not Stepping All Over Cliffhangers Was One of Peter's Super Powers

So, okay, you remember how the big cliffhanger from last week was Peter preparing to go nuclear? Yeah, so when we begin this week's episode, Peter is all, "Oh, never mind, I got it." Look, I'm not as annoyed with Peter as I once was, so I'm not so desperate for him to get knocked cold, but at least whacking Peter upside the head wouldn't have been as anticlimactic. Fortunately, things actually happen in the rest of the episode. Sylar kills Ted and takes his power, as you knew he had to, and Bennet ends up in an isoceles Mexican standoff with Mohinder over little Molly. (Matt is currently on the floor, having gotten the cold-cocking that was meant for Peter.) And as we go into next week's finale, a few other things are happening:

Linderman: He starts out on a high note, healing Nathan's wife, but then – well, you know – he's bad, still. Turns out what he wanted to use Micah for was rigging the election, which the kid does. And when D.L. and Jessica decide to kill him, Linderman tries his sneaky best to turn matters to his advantage, offering Jessica a whole bunch of money if she'll kill D.L. instead. She won't, and D.L. and Linderman end up killing each other. Barring some miraculous recovery, of course. But if Linderman really is gone, then I'm going to miss that British Person. He sank his teeth into that role and he seemed to really enjoy it. Ta-ta, A British Person.

Hiro: George Takei brings his smooth voice back for another episode, and if there was anything more important that he said other than "I was once a part of the Super Best Friends, along with Linderman and Papa Petrelli," I'm sure I missed it, because that voice is hypnotic. Hiro's dad teaches him to swordfight, but they take too long and Ando heads out to kill Sylar himself. Now the plan is: save Ando, because he's going to get himself seriously killed. And I think we all know how important Ando is after the episode in the future, so, for real, save Ando.

Special Note About Matt: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Heroes writers, for what you've done for Matt. You've given him a mission, constructive uses of his power like getting past guards and saving Bennet's bacon, and little throwaway lines that Greg Grunberg can knock out of the park. He's even good when he's not saying a word, like his reaction to Jessica bringing up the defenestration incident. Although you just had to show Matt bleeding profusely in the previews for next week, didn't you? You bastards.


Dylan said...

I have a feeling that the story of the guy who fights the dragon is going relate to this image of Hiro fighting the dinosaur. I think it'll either turn out to be based on Hiro himself - he's the actual hero who goes back and fights a "dragon" i.e. a dinosaur, or it will be the final test of his endurance before he is ready to attack Sylar.

By the way, why don't you guys write posts about Lost anymore? It's totally blowing my mind these days.

Lori said...

I'm not sure we've ever covered Lost. I've never watched it seriously.