Friday, May 11, 2007

Ugly Betty: ¡Vamos a México!

The Suarezes head down to Guadalajara this week, and while there is precious little Justin to show for it, there is Rita Moreno. Because this show is all about the Broadway stars. But then it all turns a little weird, when Betty is told by a healer that she'll never be happy until she finds a tree with missing branches. Betty thinks this means her family tree, since she doesn't know anything about her mother's family, and sets off to find her grandmother. A vision quest, with a hallucinated Henry on a motorbike as her spirit guide, leads her straight to Abuela. Hey, while we're on the subject, when did this show turn into Scrubs? Betty's suddenly having a lot of fantasies, J.D.-style, lately – the witch hunt of a couple of weeks ago, last week's knight fight, now this. It's just a little strange, is all, because they never used to go inside her head. Anyway, Abuela's mind is mostly gone, but, in accordance with the Rule of TV Senility, she takes Betty for her long-lost daughter, Mama Suarez, begs for forgiveness, and encourages her to fight for Henry. Well, that's the way Betty hears it. Also, Papa can't go back to the U.S., and someone is looking for revenge on him. Maybe Rosa's first husband isn't really dead?

Back in New York, Bradford loses his damn mind, finds it again, and then loses it again when he signs the divorce papers. Idiot. Why would you want to/not be scared to divorce Claire? A pill-popping, manic Daniel spends the episode jumping on the office furniture, demanding high fives, and putting the moves on Rebecca Gayheart, Alex's ex-girlfriend. And, hey, Medicated Daniel is a lot of fun. I mean, don't do drugs, kids, of course, but all that energy really makes a difference, for the better. But then there's a drug deal that goes bad, just in case you were thinking about doing drugs. Which you shouldn't. And then there's Marc and Amanda, who I just find myself loving more and more every week. Why? This week, Marc is horrified by Amanda's relationship, and tells her she deserves more than a seeeeecret boyfriend who treats her like dirt in public. So Marc defends her, and outs – ins – whatever – Tavares, but they don't really hurt him until Amanda shows off his ugly, ugly buttons. It's like a Fashion Justice League. It's awesome. And then they find the love dungeon! Is there anything these two can't do? By the way, the love dungeon still scares me. After the revelations we've previously had about Bradford's sexual preferences, I'm not looking forward to seeing what's inside.


brenda said...

Marc and Amanda were definitely the highlight of this week's episode. They rock! Betty's storyline was sweet, but not as much fun. That's what I like about this show - a nice mix of sentimentality (Hey! I still believe love conquers all!) and zaniness.