Friday, May 04, 2007

Ugly Betty: Chivalry is Giant Q-Tips

So many great moments in this episode. Amanda's acting reel, Marc and Amanda's running "Hi, Grandma" joke (and their rhyming banter), everything Deputy Leo does, and, of course, "no touching." Because, really, what's a parent-child scene in a prison without a "no touching" reference?

So, as promised last week, Betty and the other assistants, as well as Henry and Christina, go to "The Middle Ages," and let's not kid ourselves. We all know what it is, and we've all been there. (Admit it.) There, Betty attempts to win a thousand dollars riding a mechanical bull, and Deputy Leo gets his dink on so Henry can defend his not-girlfriend's honor in an American Gladiators-type joust. Naturally, he gets the snot beat out of him, because that's the Henry we know and love. And when he confesses his love to Betty, of course Charlie is standing right there. But she still doesn't break up with him. Look, Charlie, I understand. Henry is mad cute. But seriously, when your boyfriend chooses to spend his time with another woman, fighting for her with giant Q-tips and making puppy eyes at her, it's probably time to break up with him.

Meanwhile, I am very disappointed in Claire. I would have thought that by now, she would have her own gang in prison, and be ruling the other inmates and the guards through her patented icy disdain. Instead, all she's scored is toilet wine and a beating from a beefy inmate. And while Wilhelmina does get a beating in this episode, it's not on Claire's orders. It's Marc, acting on Wil's orders, so she can pin it on Claire and wangle a divorce out of Bradford. Come on, Claire, if you're going to get blamed for a beating, you might as well do it. What's happened to you in prison?

Oh, and, good news: Daniel is trying to get over his sex addiction. Bad news: he's getting off his sex addiction by popping pills. Which means he's going to be the new, caneless, non-covertly British, sex-addicted House. In other words, the less fun House.