Tuesday, January 09, 2007

24 Bingo!

Sunday marks the triumphant return of 24, in the two-night, four-hour event we've come to expect. But what if you're a 24 fan who wants to celebrate the show's premiere and all the recurring tropes that go with it, but you can't do a drinking game because of work the next day? That's where this ingenious 24 bingo card comes in. Besides, if you took a shot every time a vital suspect or witness is killed before he/she can be interrogated, you'd have alcohol poisoning by the end of the night.

Beware, though: just like the real 24, there are a few red herrings thrown in there just to make things more difficult - you're never going to make bingo in the row that has "Someone eats something" or "Chloe professes her undying love to Jack," of course.


Jessica said...

That just made my day!

My favorite bingo square: "Someone dies because they don't take Jack's advice"

Lori said...

Ha! Yeah, that always happens. But I haven't seen "Jack tortures someone" show up, which is a shame, because he loves to do that.

ciscoblog said...
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brenda said...

Oh, we totally have to play this! This is becoming a real multi-media experience. Watch 24, read glowybox & M. Giant, play bingo - this may consume our lives!