Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Studio 60: Where's Samuel L. Jackson When You Need Him?

Hmm. Well, on the one hand, last night’s Studio 60 wasn’t as chock full of creepy stalking as last week’s episode. On the other hand, it wasn’t really full of things you’d want your male significant other to imitate, either. As far as last week’s bad boys are concerned, Danny gets Jordan stuck on the roof in his attempt to apologize for his obsessive actions (points to Danny for apologizing, though). Matt morphs from sweet ex-and-possibly-future boyfriend to obnoxious “I don’t want her, but I don’t want anyone else to have her either” guy (points to Harriet for not buying it).

And we have a new entrant into the “Suckiest Future-Boyfriend Ever” contest: Tom, who’s gained entry into the contest by choosing Matt as his relationship coach. Yeah. Tom has to break his date with Lucy because Jack wants him to go out with that rich dude’s daughter and convince her to start playing the viola again, or something. Good excuse, right? Nope, not good enough for Matt! He convinces Tom to lie about it and, of course, Lucy sees him with the (surprisingly slutty) rich girl. Sigh.

In Snakes on a Set news, there’s a poisonous viper loose on the set of Studio 60! I hope it bites everyone but Jordan, Jack, Cal, and Harriet. And Lucy. Everyone else could use a little near-death experience to reexamine their priorities in life. Oh, and what’s with this “To Be Continued” shit? It’s not Heroes, Sorkin. You should be able to wrap up these plotlines in an hour.