Friday, January 05, 2007

Comedy Tonight!

My deepest apologies to my deprived readers and my put-upon co-blogger, Lori. I’ve been incredibly busy with work these past couple weeks, and literally haven’t even had a chance to check my personal email more than once a day. Sorry!

Now that I have a free minute, let’s turn our attention to the only three television shows I’ve had a chance to watch this week: The Knights of Prosperity, In Case of Emergency, and, of course, Scrubs. The Knights of Prosperity (formerly Let’s Rob Mick Jagger) was mildly funny, with moments of complete hilarity. Most of those moments involved things like Mick Jagger showing us his hat collection, the swimming pool for his dogs, and his soccer-playing houseboy. The rest of the episode was just okay. Mostly, I now think Mick Jagger needs his own TV show. That would be amazing.

In Case of Emergency was a pleasant surprise. Sure, it stars Jonathan Silverman (another of my many sitcom nemeses), and has an annoyingly Class-like premise (former classmates reunite years later under wacky circumstances!), but it also has something going for it. Namely, it totally sucked up to me by paying tribute to two of my favorite comedies: Friends (David Arquette’s character used Phoebe's made-up word “phalange”) and Arrested Development (“No touching! No touching!”). Well-played, In Case of Emergency. Plus, I actually laughed out loud a couple times. Yeah, I was exhausted and punchy, but it still counts a little, right? So I’ll be sticking around for a few weeks to see how this one turns out.

And finally, Scrubs is awesome because:
1) It tackles serious subjects like post-partum depression with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.
2) It gives me fabulous new expressions like “megaloathe.”
3) Stealing babies is funny if you give it a name like “Code Pink.”