Thursday, January 11, 2007

House: Everybody Lies

This week on House, everybody’s a liar. The Patient of the Week’s brain lied to him about being in love (and then gave him heart attacks, to boot!). House lied to everyone about being in rehab (I knew he wouldn’t turn all nice and polite without the Vicodin). Cuddy lied (perjured herself, in fact) about giving House placebo pills to keep him out of jail. Tritter lied…well, okay, he didn’t really lie about anything. He was just an asshole. Good riddance, asshole.

I am all for ending the whole Tritter subplot, and I suspect the rest of the world is right there with me. I mean, yeah, House is addicted to drugs—that much is obvious. But it’s also obvious that he feels real pain, and needs the drugs to function. He’s more harmful off the drugs than on the drugs. It’s an interesting subject to debate, to be sure, but not over the course of several months. And not at the expense of actual, non-annoying plots. So here’s to the return of the REAL House!