Thursday, January 25, 2007

Studio 60: It’s Stalker-riffic!

Studio 60 returned Monday night, after long last, and made me want to jump into the television and thwack Matt and Danny with a rolled-up newspaper. I mean, come on!

Matt obsessively follows an online auction for a date with Harriet, his ex, bids thousands of dollars to try and win the date, but turns down an actual offer from Harriet for the same date! Sigh. He’s clearly too emotionally stunted to man up and admit he still has feelings for her, but somehow thinks it’s okay to secretly buy her online? And to think he’s the one that was yelling at Danny to “say it!”

Speaking of Danny, he has fallen completely off the deep end. I, unlike some, chose to find his speech about how he had fallen for Jordan and was “coming for [her]” romantic, rather than creepy. And oh, how wrong I was!

First he calls her repeatedly over the holiday break, moving from cute to pathetic to stalker in the space of a couple weeks. Then he exposes his creepy obsession for all of Hollywood to see, getting his famous friends to fax in “letters of recommendation” to her, in hopes that she’ll be so impressed that she’ll change her mind and go out with him.

So let’s see, she’s recently been publicly humiliated by a man who chose to air their dirty laundry in front of the entire world for fun and profit. She is emotional and hormonal and dealing with a pregnancy by herself, one which is probably also not a point of pride for her. What better than to have the most important people in her industry beg her to go out on a date with one of her employees? Jesus Christ, Danny!

Let’s just hope that Tom doesn’t follow in their footsteps during his courtship of Lucy.


Diana said...

I'm just to seeing Whitford play bumbling but adorable in love from his West Wing years but this was quite the shock for me. I hope Sorkin meant for it to come off cute and not Stalker. I don't want Danny to be crazy.

Liz said...

Yeah, no kidding. Although you also have to hope that Sorkin IS intentionally making it creepy, because if Sorkin thinks this kind of behavior is cute/acceptable, then HE might be the crazy one!