Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scrubs: My Musical!

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the long, long-awaited musical episode of Scrubs premieres tonight at 9 on NBC.

I am excited beyond words.

UPDATE: It was all the awesomeness I had hoped for and so, so much more. Can't write much now, but can I just say that Neil Flynn, Donald Faison, and Judy Reyes especially have surprisingly awesome singing voices? (Sarah Chalke, as was widely reported, not so much.)


Lori said...

So good. So very, very good. I loved Dr. Cox's song, even though John C. McGinley has about the same vocal range as Rex Harrison.

Liz said...

True, and yet his voice's quality actually wasn't all that bad. And he did a great job with the timing and the lyric--that was a tough one!