Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes: Yawn.

I don’t have much time to delve into details right now, but let’s talk Golden Globes. Overall, they managed to keep me interested for the first two hours, but I barely paid attention to what awards were being handed out in the third hour. This is obviously a problem, since most of the biggies are given out at the end. The problem could be blamed on drowsiness-inducing cough syrup, but I blame the boring presenters and boring acceptance speeches. Not the boring winners, though, because there were actually a few pleasant surprised last night. Which brings me to my favorite and least favorite moments…

Favorite Moment: America Ferrera wins for best actress in a comedy. Seriously—it brought tears to my eyes. And I’m kind of a cold-hearted bitch.

Least Favorite Moment: Warren Beatty Yawnfest ’07. This may be where I lost interest and went to make myself nachos.

Other happy surprises: Hugh Laurie. Okay, not so much a surprise, but happy nonetheless (and not just because he consistently delivers amusing acceptance speeches). Alec Baldwin. Hooray for 30 Rock!

Other boringness: Helen Mirren. Not that she’s boring, per se, but did they have to nominate her projects in every category?

What about you guys? Any surprises or disappointments?


Lori said...

Seemed to me like every time I switched over from 24, someone was talking about balls. Tom Hanks going on about Warren Beatty's balls. Sacha Baron Cohen talking about his costar's balls. Not that he wasn't funny (Hanks wasn't), but I would like less discussing of balls, please. Especially w/r/t old guys.

Leigh said...

Hah, I gotta tell you, I am secretly in love with Helen Mirren.

vance said...

It's ALWAYS during those awards for the old foggies that it gets boring and I tune out. Still, not sure why people are saying there should have been a host since the GG's NEVER have a host and rely on the free alcohol to host the festivities. Loved when Ugly Betty won. So cute! But yeah, I love award shows and I hate them but at least the GG's didn't piss me off like the Emmys and Oscars from last year (I'm still not over the Emmy's bad nominations or Crash winning).

Liz said...

It wasn't the actual winners I was disappointed with, the Helen Mirren-ness, or even the constant discussion of balls. It was more the giant failure on the part of alcohol to provide a more entertaining evening. If alcohol is, indeed, the host, it needs to carry its weight! They definitely need to ditch the old guy section.