Friday, January 12, 2007

Ugly Betty: Reset!

After last week's reheated episode, Ugly Betty is back to its usual deliciousness. Hooray! Some of the highlights: Marc's Betty-centric screensaver, Christina going crazy, strip club-style, and, finally, Papa Suarez getting a storyline that doesn't make me long for the next scene. This is due entirely to Constance, his immigration caseworker, who starts out with an admirable smackdown and then develops a kooky crush on him. See, writers? If you wanted me to care about this storyline, all you had to do was throw in a bad-ass crazy lady and a craft project. Also, Wilhelmina's cowboy boyfriend has turned her into an armadillo, which is to say, a laid-back, jeans-wearing version of Wil who freaks Marc right the hell out. Happily for us, and Marc, Cowboy Ted dumps her and she goes back to her evil self.

And the big stories: when last we (really) left Mode, Betty had just left for MYW and Daniel was totally in love with Salma Hayek. Betty's new job means that she now works in the office equivalent of The View: a chatty group of women of different ethnicities, body types, and handicapabilities, and even a Bizzaro Betty thrown in for good measure. But Salma Hayek's got places to be, and Betty's got to go back to work at Mode. So how to hit the reset button? Easily – by making Sofia a manipulative skank. She uses Betty to get Daniel to propose, then reveals that the whole relationship was just fodder for her first cover story – Fling to Ring in 60 Days – and summarily dumps him on live TV. So Betty quits MYW, and Sofia is now gone, but not before getting a handbag beatdown by Amanda. Everything's back to normal, right? Yeah, except that Daniel's AWOL. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll turn up in someone's bed.


brenda said...

Awesome episode! And I totally didn't see it coming!