Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Amazing Race: All-Stars Roster

CBS has finally announced the lineup for the all-star season of The Amazing Race, and the teams are... pretty much what we'd already expected. But although I'd been spoiled, there was still one pleasant surprise: Kevin and Drew! Yaaaaaay!

The full list:

  • Bill and Joe, season 1
  • Kevin and Drew, season 1
  • Danny and Oswald, season 2
  • Jill and John Vito, season 3
  • Teri and Ian, season 3
  • Charla and Mirna, season 5
  • Uchenna and Joyce, season 7
  • Rob and Amber, season 7
  • Eric and Danielle, season 9
  • Dustin and Kandice, season 10
  • David and Mary, season 10

As excited as I am for the further adventures of some of the better teams (Kevin and Drew!), I'm also looking forward to some interesting interactions between these teams. Who will be Mary's new BFFs? Will Dustin, Kandice, and Danielle fight over who is blondest? Exactly how much will Mirna hate Rob on sight? How cute is Joyce with her short hair? We'll discover the answers to all of those questions on February 18! (Except for the one about Joyce's hair - you can find that out here.)


Liz said...

Boooo! No Colin and Christie or...that other couple I loved? Kris and Jon, or something? BOOOO!

Liz said...

P.S. She's SO CUTE with her short hair! Yaaaay!

vance said...

You WANTED Colin and Christie? Granted, His "my ox is broken" was possibly the second best line on TAR ever (my first choice is when Ozwald cried out "shut up bitch" to Tara when she joked his limp wrist should make him better at throwing boomerangs in Australia)

Liz said...

I did, I did. The broken ox line aside, you just need some good villains to make a season fabulous, and I'm not sure Mirna and Charla will cut it. Colin and Christie are probably my favorite villains thusfar, being as they are entertaining and good at the race, and almost got arrested at least once. SO great! To be fair, though, I haven't seen all seasons, so maybe another All-Star team is fantastically villainous.

Lori said...

Yeah, Mirna's not really a villain, just extremely annoying, and Charla's pretty cool on her own. Bill and Joe were good villains - they once tried to keep teams with tickets from catching their flight - but they're not at the INTENSE Colin level of villainy. But then, no one is.

Also: Ozwald sounds cool.