Friday, January 26, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Surgery Smarts and Relationship Smarts are Inversely Correlated

Sigh. Is this dysfunctional relationship week? First the stalker twins on Studio 60, now two incredibly ill-timed marriage proposals on Grey’s Anatomy.

Look, Burke: If your first words to your partner in what must be at least several weeks are “Marry me,” that’s not romantic; it’s unhealthy. You spend ages in an incredibly immature contest over who can stay quiet the longest. Then when your partner (unlike you) chooses to be the adult in the relationship and say where she went wrong, you act like now that she’s admitted fault, she’s worthy of marriage? What the hell kind of dominant male ideology is that? You were only going to marry her if she essentially submitted herself to you and admitted she was wrong, whereas you don't have to accept any blame at all? DUMP HIM, Cristina—he doesn't deserve you! Update: As Tiff points out in the comments, Cristina didn't literally admit fault--rather, she conceded the argument by speaking first and thus "losing" by their terms of engagement. I'm still gonna call that an act of submission, and stick to my Burke-hating guns.

And that brings us to our second marriage proposal of the night—grief-stricken and sex-obsessed George asks Callie to marry him. I don’t even think I need to lay out why that proposal is poorly-timed and unhealthy. I mean, they just got back together after his father died, and he’s just been using her (over and over again, apparently) as a distraction to avoid dealing with his feelings. Not the best circumstances for a marriage proposal, especially considering that the last time they were in a relationship he freaked out and refused to talk to her about it, driving her to live in a hotel and sleep with McSteamy. How about actually dating for a few weeks, George?

As a side note, I loved the scene between Addison and Alex where he was all “um, yeah, I’m just not that into you…and I want my cool surgeries back!” I don’t think I actually believe him, but I thought it was incredibly well-played on his part, and a pretty hilarious way to throw her off-balance.

Last side note: Is McSteamy getting less and less hot every week? What’s going on here?! He looks all pasty and unhealthy. Not cool.


tiff said...

I thought it was funny how they both phrased their request as a demand.."Marry me."

I didn't see it the same way with Burke and Christina..that she admitted fault and is worthy of marriage - only because the first thing she said was "I am right." I love it, she never budges!

Also, I think McSteamy is supposed to be looking pale due to the weather and how much he hates it there...then again, he doesn't look any less attractive to me. Swoon.

Liz said...

Okay, true. She didn't literally admit fault. But I still say she conceded the argument--under their rules, she "lost."

Hmm...I noticed they used the weather thing as an excuse last time, but I think it might have been just that--an excuse. Why would they intentionally make him less hot? That's just madness.